My Brain, Peanuts, Flips Through a Magazine

Hello Dear Readers!  And welcome to Friday, the apple of the week’s eye!  Today My brain, Peanuts and I thought it might be fun to take the day off from our usual silliness to just sit back and flip through magazines. 

Oh Lookee! Here’s a magazine that says San Francisco on it:

7 x7 San Francisco Magazine Send up

First of all, Peanuts notices that this is one of those expensive magazines wherein the cover doesn’t feel like it’s made out of old-fashion paper but, instead, it feels like it’s made out of some sort of super-strong, space-age material that was developed by NASA should a situation arise wherein NASA would need to, say, tow the moon to another solar system or whatever it is NASA is always developing super-strong, space-age material for.

(Peanuts is suddenly thirsty for Tang. Peanuts is going to go get some Tang.  Peanuts will wait if you want to go get some Tang too.)

Now where were we?  Oh yes Peanuts is trying to figure out what this magazine is going to be about.  But Peanuts is confused.

Linda Vernon Humor Pretentious Magazines Is this magazine going to be about 7 x 7?  Is this magazine going to be about Art + Design?  Is this magazine going to have an arithmetic test at the end? (If so, Peanuts hopes it’s multiple choice.)

Peanuts wonders why  the girl on the cover so sad.  Is she sad because she’s got runs in her stockings?  Or is she sad because she’s got no pants and nothing to sit on? Maybe she’s so sad because she can’t find her balloon?  (Peanuts thinks she should check her hair.)

(Let’s take time out for a little Tang gulping shall we?  Mmmm . . . .)

Oh Good!  Here’s the Editor’s Letter.  Maybe the Editor’s letter can explain to Peanuts what this magazine is going to be about:

Editor's Letter Pretentious Magazine

Peanuts reads that when the girl in the picture, Chloe, was six years old, she furrowed her brow at a ruined masterpiece she drew — but Chloe’s mother said Chloe could turn her ruined masterpiece into a redemptive ocean which made Chloe happy.  This says to Peanuts that Chloe was very smart for knowing when she was only six — 1) how to furrow her brow and 2) what a redemptive ocean was.

Peanuts is feeling a little bummed right now because Peanuts is ten times that old, and, while Peanuts’s brow is permanently furrowed,  Peanuts still doesn’t know what a redemptive ocean is and probably never will.  (Peanuts does like the way Chloe puts  that little x and that slash over the ‘e’ in her signature though.)

(Peanuts is adding more spoonfuls of Tang to Peanuts’s Tang right now.  Mmmm. . .  try it, it’s really good!)

Peanuts is getting tired of flipping through magazines now. Peanuts is just going to flip to one more page and then Peanuts is going to go outside and play:

pretentious Magazines Linda Vernon Humor

Oh Great Caesar’s Ghost!  Peanuts knew there was going to be a test at the end!  Peanuts told you so!! Well, at least it’s multiple choice which makes not knowing what the magazine was about go down a little smoother.  Just like Tang!

(Peanuts says let’s just forget about flipping through magazines and just go eat some Tang right out of the jar!  Wanna?)

Until next time . . . my brain

The Signature of My Brain Peanuts Linda Vernon Humor  loves you

30 thoughts on “My Brain, Peanuts, Flips Through a Magazine

  1. Thank peanuts for making me laugh out loud (and also crave Tang) when flipping through this magazine. Please have peanuts flip through another as soon as it finishes its next glass of tang.

  2. Her Brigette Bardot wanna-be hair is just garish. Oh, and maybe the fact that she forgot pants before having her picture taken. I may have done a lot of dumb things in my day, but I never forget pants if someone is wielding a camera anywhere in my vicinity.

    • Hah! Well that’s what I like about you Erin. You’re always prepared!! Oh and thank you so much for the book! Jackie gave it to me when I came to help out with Henry. It looks like there’s some comedy gold in there! I predict some future lampoonishiness in the future! *rubbing hands together* 😀

  3. Where’s Al? What happened to Al? I thought Al would be in the magazine.. oh, wait, sorry, Al was yesterday’s post… 😳
    No wonder I couldn’t catch up… I eat a lot of peanut butter; is that wrong, somehow? I don’t know if I want to know, though, I think..
    I’m confused… I’m going now…

    Funny as hell, as always… should I admit I LIKE Tang out of the jar?…. 😀

  4. haha! Magazines like this remind me of something I’d put together – an incoherent, disjointed mess that tries to look cool and hip. Chloe’s letter admits there are mistakes in art, she should just admit that there are mistakes in magazines, too! haha!
    I think the cover model is sad because she snagged her stockings while climbing a tree to rescue her balloon, which ended up hiding in her hair! LOL! The only other possibility is that she removed her clothes because Al Gore told her about Global warming and now she is missing them.

    • OMG!!! LISA!! I am wiping tears from my eyes and laughing with no sound coming out at all which beats laughing out loud by a factor of ten! Ahahhahahahahaha!!! Snagging her stockings climbing after her balloon. ahahaha! Well I made the outlines on this one Lisa and you colored them in hilariously!!! LOL!! 😀

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