A Visit from The Limerick Lady!

Dear Readers!  You’ll never guess who stumbled by the blog today! None other than The Limerick Lady, and she’s a limerick writing fool if ever there was one! 

A picture of a lady with a bird on her shoulder horribly drawn
The Limerick Lady

Apparently she’s been out visiting blogs and has taken the liberty of writing a few limericks starring some of our most beloved bloggers from around the blogosphere!  Lets take a peek, shall we?

My what a gripping life you do lead.
A Gripping Life

A Gripping Life’s written by Grippie

Who got dressed up to look really zippy

She then went to see

Kinks- You Really Got Me

And got kissed by a Kink on the Lippy!


Mark Armstrong wearing a Zoot Suit
Mark Armstrong Illustration

There once was an artist named  Mark

Who wore Zoot Suits while drawing his art

His courtroom depictions

Are bought with subscriptions

Cuz he’s not only funny; he’s smart!


Picture of El Guapo from Guapola

There once was a beatnik named Guapo

Whose vivaciousness never did stop-o

His rhyming harangues

Require tshhhhhh bangs

And for cheesesteak? He’ll get stopped by a Cop-o


tig Zendictive Logo

Whenever your day’s going bad

And about up to here you have had

There is wisdom galore

In Zendictive’s blog drawer

So dash over . . . before you go mad!


Bird Watching

There once was a girl named Diane

Who hailed from a mighty big clan

Her depression was cured

When she prayed and God heard

Now her blog — its got many a fan!


Pink Ninjabi
Pink Ninjabi

There once was a girl who loved pink

And her blog, it makes all of us think

Each day in her journal

There’s more than a kernel

Of wisdom from which we can drink!


a painting of Lizzie C from Running naked with scissors
Running Naked With Scissors

There once was a single mom Lizzie

Whose creativity made us all dizzy

She not only writes

But her art?  It delights!

And her kids!  Oh boy!  Keep her busy!


Adair You
Adair You

There once was a blogger, Adair

Who gave us a breath of fresh air

With her kitty called DC

And her fruitcaking Aunt Lee

It’s a blog like a chocolate eclair!


Dianne Gray Author
Dianne Gray Author

Dianne is a writer of wonder

Whose home on this globe is down under

Whether eggs on her ceiling

Or from pythons she’s reeling

It’s no wonder her publishers fund her!


Buckwheat's Risk
Buckwheats Risk

Bucky she is the adopter

Of a snake and a dog , she’s their proctor

She’s been known to write

At a very great height

Cause her husband . . . well,  he flies a copter

And there you have it Dear Readers, a visit from The Limerick Lady.  And be careful now, as you never know when The Limerick Lady is going to stop by your blog . . .

Until next time . . . I love you

29 thoughts on “A Visit from The Limerick Lady!

  1. After reading these little morsels of work, I’m confused and upset as to why The Limerick Lady wasn’t invited to be the Inaugural Poet for the Presidential Inauguration earlier this week.

    • Okay! YES!! You are talking sense now, Erin. The Limerick Lady was deflated and demoralized (not to mention decomposed and detroited) not to have been invited. The only explanation the Limerick Lady can come up with is that she didn’t vote at all because neither candidate had good rhyming names. So really who could blame her?

  2. I love the limerick lady – ! she looks mischievous and fashionable too! She may not be a lady – no not just a lady but the limerick queen – this might be a record for one post.. I am honored to be included .. thank you..
    shared on Twitter ♥

  3. “Kissed by a Kink on the Lippy!” LOL!! The Limerick Lady really pulled out all the stops for this one. Woo Hoo!! She’s really given the Overly Creative Writer Lady a run for her money! haha!
    Well, I just have to thank the Limerick Lady for reading my blog and making it sound like it’s a real happening place 😀
    I’ll have to go visit some of these other great blogs – I love what she did with Guapo and Addie. How fun!!

    • Oh I know what you mean about the Limerick Lady and the Overly Creative Writer Lady. Haha! It sounds like a murder mystery in the making. And all the ladies will be suspects but I’ll have to make Grams the murderer.

      And it’s easy to make your blog a happening place, Lisa, because it always is! How wonderful blogging is. I just wish the earth would take a little more time to spin on its axis so we could have more time. I wonder who I would talk to about it. Al Gore?

        • LOL! So true. He knows people. He must. Otherwise how did he ever get to be where he is? I saw him once in person and he’s about as riveting and dynamic as one might expect an assistant manager at Sears to be. Plus his shirt was all wrinkled and dingy. (He’s probably never heard of bleach.) 😀

  4. You made us into limericks!!! So much better than being a sonnet! Who needs Shakespeare when we have the Limerick Lady? I’m honored, and, I love what you did with Grippy with the Lippy and Guap the Beatnick. This deserves two snaps!!

    • AH! Thanks for the two snaps Addie. I’ll give them to the Limerick lady. I think she’s missing some buttons on that dress of hers and snaps would be the perfect solution! 😀

    • Haha!! Oh you better watch out Papizilla! You never know when the Limerick Lady will be by to check out that *Sad Panda Face* of yours!! (And if you ask me what this world could use a lot more of is *Sad Panda Faces!* LOL!!)

  5. I absolutely LOVED That, wowweee!! What a wonderful way to cheer up my day, you are more incredible than you know, I think 😀 Thank youuuu.. it was a day filled with crying. Now I can replace them with smiling 😀

  6. Egad! Brilliant! Clever! True!
    I’m getting mine printed on a business card!
    (And you’re spot on with all of them!)
    (Ok, I think I’ve used my al!otment of exc!amation points, so I’!! move on now!)

  7. There once was a goof named McGiggles
    Who read sumpin what dun flipped his wiggles
    ‘Twas writ by a gal
    Who dun skewers Al
    And his oniony butt what is biggles!!

    I’m overcome with emotion here, but I don’t know what to do: Should I eat 26 bags of Funyuns, or order some $500/lb mushrooms from the Pottery Barn Sustainable Forest?? My joy demands an outlet, but it’s so hard to decide… : P

    Thank you LL and her enormously gifted and zany mentor!!! : )

    • $500 worth of mushrooms from Pottery Barn or 26 bags of Funyuns? I’ve got a call into Al’s hotline 1-800-en-vi-Ron-ment, MacGiggles, and I’ll let you know which the minute I hear back.

      Why don’t you eat them both while you’re waiting. I’m pretty sure that’s what Al would do!!

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