Superman’s Other Weaknesses

FasSuperman's Other Weaknessest(er than a speeding bullet) Women

Mister Mxyzptlk’s killer Margaritas

Buzzing  high school girls at soccer practice

Metropolis Historic Home Tours

Jimmy Olsen’s rendition of Honey I Miss You

Crack Cocaine

X-ray-eying Scratchers

Jenga tournaments

Things that purr

1000-count Egyptian cotton leotards

Vintage phone booth hunting

Lois Lane’s Key Lime Pie


Until next time . . . I love you

34 thoughts on “Superman’s Other Weaknesses

    • I know! Superman is very misunderstood. He’s really is no different from anyone else except for the flying, the made of steel thing and his kryptonite allergy.

      • I make it to work each day, and I also battle the forces of rude Canadians so the rest of the world can go on with their illusions of the politeness of the North.

        All the while, projecting a cool sanity rarely found outside of cereal box characters.

        If that ain’t strength…

        • Okay you got me there. If you want rude and mean people come up here! It’s the meanest city I’ve ever lived in. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and this is the third province I’ve lived in.

          • Possibly part of the problem is that you have “provinces” instead of proper states and cities…

            Besides, I’m from new York. I have meanness covered.

  1. Linda, that is so bloody bizarre and completely awesome that I am going to cook my next goat curry in your honour. I am now thinking heavily about Lois’ key lime pie… yikes.

  2. The whole list had me screamin’, but Jimmy Olsen’s rendition of Honey I Miss You sent me into absolute convulsions!! One doesn’t often encounter absurdity distilled into its purest form, but that– THAT was it!!

    And the fact that someone besides me remembers Mr. Mxyzptlk– with obvious fondness– astounds and pleases me no end!! If only we could make Al Gore disappear by tricking him into saying “Erogla!” Damn it, it’s worth a try!!

    Superb, awesome, amazing, and devastatingly funny post, my dear Super-Linda!!! : )

    • Oh Mark! Somehow I knew you would like Jimmy Olsen singing Honey I miss you! And you remember Mr. Mxyzptlk too? Oh how I loved those old Superman comic books. They were my favorites. I always wanted to be Lois Lane!

      Erogla!! ahahah! We should all try saying that every five minutes! Of course know Al’s luck it would just be the internet that disappears!!

      Oh Mark, thank you so much for your wonderfully funny kind comments. You have made my day!!! 😀

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