Friday Comics: Our Beloved Al

Our Beloved Al


12 thoughts on “Friday Comics: Our Beloved Al

  1. Haha! What he lacks in personality and social skills he certainly makes up for in his love of Funyons!
    Jackie’s comment cracks me up!

    • Ha ha! I know Lisa, Jackie is one of my funniest kids! I keep encouraging her to start a blog, hopefully she will at some point. And yes, I’m so glad there are Funyuns out there to liven up the personalities of our beloved celebri -politicians!.

  2. Love the way the saleslady stays in one place but Al keeps moving towards and away from the sketcher.
    gives a very french cinema-verite sad-clown-of-life to the piece.
    Very Fellini.

    • Haha! Guap. Yes that is definitely the effect I was shooting for! The Fellini-ishness of Al Gore. I wield a very subtle pen and but not too subtle for the Eagle Eyes of EG!! 😀

    • I’ve never actually tried one, but I have heard tell of people who have. I remember reading that when Kate Winslet made Titantic with Leonardo Di Caprio, she said his breath smelled like Funyuns because he ate them all day long. And so I guess I just figured Al would eat them too since he and Leonardo were inseparable there for awhile.

  3. FrankenAl from Funyum Manor on Haunted Hill! He walks, he talks, he lumbers like a real two by four!! I always like how his tie is fully visible even when he walks sideways– only FrankenAl can do that!

    I remember that woman. She waited on me the last time I was in Women’s Lingerie. I was wearing briefs when I arrived, and something very uncomfortable when I left, which made me walk like Al… : (

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