Sally Milkerson Becomes a Good Read

Sally Milkerson Becomes a Good Read

Little Sally Milkerson wanted a tattoo

She asked her mother Wanda

If it was something she could do

Wanda would have answered her

But you see she couldn’t hear

What with all the piercings that were pinning shut her ear


So Little Sally Milkerson went and got a pencil

To write her mom a note that said

May I please have a stencil? 

Wanda would have answered her

But her eyelids wouldn’t open

Thanks to all her piercings, in the dark she was agropin’


Little Sally Milkerson told her mother not to worry

She’d take the task upon herself

And get tattooed in a hurry

She skipped down to the tattoo parlor

A wad of cash in hand

And gave it to the Tattoo-er — behind the counter, Stan


 When Little Sally Milkerson came waltzing through the door

Her mother Wanda’s color drained

She toppled to the floor

A miracle! — It had occurred from somewhere up above her!

For her darling little daughter now

Had Harry Potter on her cover

Humorous Poem Sally Milkerson Linda Vernon Humor
Hey Sally can you turn around so we can see what happens next?

Until Next time  . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “Sally Milkerson Becomes a Good Read

  1. I still haven’t gotten around to getting a HP tattoo yet ): Must save up the monies first. Cute story!

  2. Sally has a fine example in her mother – of what not to do. Eyelid piercings, yikes! Even so a very funny tale, and in poem form for National Poetry Month. Always stretching your talent. And I always enjoy it.

  3. A most excellent poem praising the merits of all forms of body art. Except maybe going a bit over the top. Have you noticed how you do that?
    Hahaha Love the Harry Potter!

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