My Brain Peanuts Thinks Up Another Magazine

Hello Dear Readers.  As you will remember here at the blog, we like to pretend  things.  One of the things we like to pretend is that Al Gore loves Funyuns and hangs out with Leonardo DiCaprio.  To that end, my brain, Peanuts, has come up with an idea for a magazine which my brain, Peanuts, and I think has a lot of potential.

Peanuts simply took the sports magazine, Golf Digest:

Gold Digest Linda Vernon Humor Al Gore

And combined it with  a popular lifestyle magazine like Real Simple:

Real Simple Magazine Linda Vernon Humor

And Viola!

Al Gore Magazine

And there you have it Dear Reader.  Al Gore in all his Funyun glory!

Until next time . . . I love you

25 thoughts on “My Brain Peanuts Thinks Up Another Magazine

  1. This is brilliant! I now need two things urgently: I need to eat funyons, by googling they look like what we merely call onion rings, I know, we also call deep fried onions, onion rings too, we don’t differentiate. This is a major flaw of this country. But onion rings are my favourite crisps, I have a bag at home from fancy grocers Marks and Spencer that I will indulge in tonight. And I really want to read Real Simple magazine, I love stuff like that, I hope it is full of things which are part ingenious and part completely useless. My friends are going to New York soon, I shall send them on a shopping trip.

  2. I wonder – will the Personal Health section have articles like “Better Living Through Funyuns” or “Funyuns Destroyed My Ballbladder”?

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