Things I’m Not Doing While I’m Doing Nothing

Hello Dear Readers.  I thought today might be a good day here at the blog to just kick back and do nothing. 

And so what better way to spend time doing nothing than to think about all the things you could be doing if you weren’t already committed to doing nothing:

Four Things I Could Be Doing If I Weren’t Already Committed to Doing Nothing.

1) I could be reading a book . . . here’s one:

Philosophical Problems of Natural Science
Doesn’t it look horribly horribly boring? Don’t ask me why it’s laying on my desk.  (I couldn’t answer you even if I knew because, as I said, I’m committed to doing nothing.)  And what are those strips on the bottom suppose to represent? Bookmarks?  People?  Pasta?

Opening to a page at random (78), Dudley Shapere actually writes, and I am not making this up:

“The work that has been done, and the work currently being done so far as it is manifest, on objective-formal simplicity cannot plausibly be viewed to have brought us to a complete and adequate explication of the concept.”

Dudley Shapere or Dudley Prepositional Phrase Shapere as he is probably referred to by his tea sipping buddies, seems to have — ahem . . .  explicated one too many concepts, shall we say?

I think it would behoove Dudley to maybe try doing what I’m doing; nothing!  Think how well he could document his “doing nothing” experience!

2) I could cut something with these scissors:

scanned in scissors
These are the official Linda Vernon Humor blog scissors. They aren’t very funny in and of themselves. But they are cut ups. Ha ha! (See I told you they weren’t very funny.)

3) I could use the official Linda Vernon Humor Blog Scissors to cut something but what?  Well let’s see here . . .  Oh here’s another book laying on my desk:

Henri Rousseau Art book 1946
It smells like mildew. I got it at a different thrift store than the one I usually go to. (The one that doesn‘t smell like mildew.) I don’t like to go to the one that smells like mildew very often because everything smells like mildew.

4)  Now if I wanted to actually cut something (if I weren’t already committed to doing nothing) I would cut out this picture by Henri Rousseau:

1908 a game of football by Henri  Rouseau
Isn’t this just the best picture ever?  I just love everything about this picture. (Except for the fact that it smells like mildew.)

I would love to tell you all about this picture that Henri Rousseau drew or painted or colored or whatever the case maybe —  besides the fact that  it smells like you know what –but as I have already stated far too many times in the same post  — I am committed to doing nothing.  Sorry, but that’s all there is to it.

Until next time . . . I love you

28 thoughts on “Things I’m Not Doing While I’m Doing Nothing

  1. Laughing, laughing. That’s all I will say because reading this would require you to do something other than nothing. Still laughing.

    • Hah! You bumped your head on the keyboard try to read Dudley? haha! That’s probably the biggest response he ever got to his work. I bet he would smile if only he knew how! 😀

  2. LOL! One of the things you seem to be able to do while your doing nothing is make me laugh! “Bookmarks? People? Pasta?” haha!
    On one end of the humor continuum we have, Dudley Shapere and on the other end we have, Linda Vernon!! Put that in your philosophical pipe and smoke it, Dudley. (Could his mother have chosen a better name for him?)

    • LOL Lisa!! If only Dudley had a philosophical pipe he could take a nice long drag on to the point of hyperventilating. It would improve his writing I think. I just love the likes of Dudley and all the wonderful Dudley’s like him. They truly make the world a brighter place even though they have no idea they are doing it! 😀

  3. Sorry, this doing nothing business seems to be waaay too challenging for my brain. The strips are two fat men with their short skinny wives pondering the philosophical problems, and a man of color in the background thinking how mismatched the couples are and that the entire project is a waste of time and brainpower. IMHO.

  4. I thing Dudley’s point is that even the doing of nothing is in fact something being done, so as to render the heretofore mentioned “nothing” to in fact be, as stated earlier, something.
    Man, that makes me hungry for some pasta!

  5. Linda, my dear…. Setting aside, for the moment, the fact that talking about doing nothing is something, I don’t think I’d want to hear anything at all in explanation of the picture by Rousseau… and if you DID give one, I expect it would eradicate any trust and good feeling your previous words have created…. What can they possibly be doing?…..And don’t look at us, you started this…. Wait, oh, wrong post, never mind…

    No really, good one, I couldn’t stop grinning…. I like the way you segued from the Philosophy book to the scissors to the boys in the stripes…. brilliant, as our friends in London might say…. 🙂 And just plain silly enough to suit even my painfully eclectic tastes…..

    • Haha! Ned, I couldn’t be prouder to have suited your painfully eclectic tastes. :D! I know this to be true indeed.
      “For tis only when one is doing nothing that one has truly accomplished something” and you can’t quote me on that. (Well you can but I’ll deny it!)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I enjoyed writing it even if I did have to endure the smell of mildew! HA! 😀

  6. Hand on my heart, I started reading the bit by Dudley Shapere, and my eyes stopped focusing. I literally couldn’t read it!! ahahaha!!! This was a hoot, and, I love the painting by Rousseau.

    • Oh I love that pointing too, Addie. And poor Dudley having to be stuck in that brain of his. I think his brain could pass for one of the seven layers of hell . . .or cake . . .

  7. That picture made me lol. What in the world is happening? Why are criminals frolicking in the garden? They all look French, too… and why is one getting kidney-punched?

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