Junk Mail Envelope Questions

Hello Dear Readers!  Yesterday, when I went to my mailbox, I got a sales letter that had this question on the outside of the envelope:

Baby Boomer Junk Mail Linda Vernon Humor
Junk Mail Envelope Question

And then I got to thinking gee they really shouldn’t stop there.  I bet there’s lots of questions they could ask to get more business.  To that end, I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a few suggestions as follows:

Junk Mail Humor, Linda Vernon Humor

Junk Mail Humor Linda Vernon Humor

Junk Mail Humor, Linda Vernon Humor

Junk Mail Humor, Linda Vernon Humor

junk mail humor, Linda Vernon Humor

And there you have it Dear Readers!  Effective as all get out Junk Mail Envelope Questions!

Until next time . . . I love you.

23 thoughts on “Junk Mail Envelope Questions

  1. They’re all good questions…I’d like to see “can I watch your dog so you can go away whenever you want?” or “can I clean your bathrooms for you”…Boy there sure is a lot….Diane

    • LoL!! I think maybe the second half of that sentence was written in invisible ink — which would make it read: Can I buy you lunch and bill you for it later! 😀

      • When I first read your post, I thought it was a legitimate note from your postman propositioning you. Those cheeky salesmen! Bait-and-switching themselves right into Hell.

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