Friday Fictioneers: Earth’s Shimmering Orb and Whatnot

Welcome Dear Readers!  It’s time once again for Friday Fictioneers where writers from all over the wold gather to play a rousing game of football.  Oh wait . . . never mind — I was thinking of the Friday Buccaneers.

Actually Friday Fictioneers (organized by Rochelle Wisoff Fields over at addicted to purple) get together once a week to write a 100-word story prompted by a picture — which this week is provided to us by Erin Leary over at erinlearywrites.  Hop over and take a look a look around Erin’s blog.  I think you’ll find she’s as good a writer as she is a photographer.

This is such a beautiful picture prompt this week, but, of course, my brain, Peanuts, had to completely ignore all the beautiful scenarios that could have been created and came up with the following instead:

Copyright — Erin Leary

Earth’s Shimmering Orb and Whatnot

Betty watched as earth’s shimmering orb slowly deflated into the milky horizon almost like a slowly deflating tire but not exactly, of course.

Then Betty noticed that the beauty of the scene was causing her eyes to fill up with tears in direct proportion to the speed of the air being released from the tire Betty was imagining — which caused Betty to do two things:  1) Marvel at the perfection of the universe and 2) remind her husband, Bob, to check the air pressure on the tires of her Volvo and maybe check the oil too and whatnot.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Earth’s Shimmering Orb and Whatnot

  1. Well, that knocked the wind out of me. I bet poor Bob gets lots of reminders from Betty. At the end of the day, he probably feels pretty deflated himself. I’ve got tears rolling down my checks in direct proportion to Bob’s deflation.

    BTW – when I finished my FFF story this week, I realized the characters sound an awful lot like some of yours. I guess you’re starting to rub off on me.

    • Bob’s deflation is a whole other 100 word story or maybe even a 1000 word story, possibly 800 — the hell with it — let’s just say a 500-word story and call it a day.

      I’m buzzing right over to your story to check it out. I love it when I rub off on people (I think a tide stick might get me out, but I’m not sure).

  2. Dear Linda,

    Betty’s just a cockeyed pragmatist, isn’t she? You made me chuckle. With most of us being pretty dark this week it’s nice to have a bit of deflating sunshine.



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