Trifecta Writing Challenge: The 33rd Wisdom Tooth God

Welcome Dear Readers!  This weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge asks us to write 33 words about a god of our own devising that rules over the human realm with 32 other gods.

Buddhist cosmology tells of Trāyastriṃśa, or the Heaven of Thirty-Three gods, which rule over the human realm. This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about a god of your own devising that shares heaven with the other thirty-two gods. –

The Candidate Who Won the Position for 33rd Wisdom Tooth God

Position desired:  Wisdom Tooth God

Salary Desired:  10% Commission on Gross Tooth Fairy Revenue

Previous experience:  Baby Tooth – ten years

Reason for leaving:  String on doorknob

Professional Goals:  To one day be crowned

“Hey look everybody! Here comes the new Wisdom Tooth God.”
“That guy? I’ve seen smarter cavities than him!”

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

52 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: The 33rd Wisdom Tooth God

    • Ha! Perhaps Cheeseburgerus hangs out with him hoping he’ll morph into a cavity — Okay the thought of that kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach . . . but in a good way, Seb!

  1. “Previous experience: Baby Tooth – ten years”

    Oh, that cracked me up. So freakin’ clever. And the professional goal sealed the deal. Loved this so much. It might even be my favorite of yours … so far. 🙂

    • Oh Ivy! What a nice comment! Thank you! I’ve been going to the dentist a lot lately so teeth have been on my mind. Only one left though for this year anyway. YAY! 😀

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Joanne. And perio treatments — there’s really not much that’s worse than that. Why does time go so quickly between dentist appointments? It’s some sort of weird law of physics, I think. 😀

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