Friday Fictioneers: Rodney Dangerfish

Welcome Dear Readers! It’s time Friday Fictioneers brought to us through the miracle of technology and the miracle of Rochell Wisoff Field’s blog Addicted to Purple. 

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And now for this week’s picture prompt:

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Rodney Dangerfish

It’s my birthday. But do any of these suckers care?  I don’t get no respect.

The other day I saw a friend of mine,  Buckminster.  I says hey, Buckminster, how’s it goin?  And he says hi Marla.  So I told him, my name’s not Marla, Marla’s my girlfriend.  He says, what a coincidence, she’s my girlfriend too!”

I don’t get no respect.

I told the Big Kahuna it was my birthday.  He says Happy Birthday, Marla.  I says thanks but my name’s not Marla, Marla’s my girlfriend but she has the same birthday.

Big Kahuna says what a coincidence.  She’s my girlfriend too.

Rodney Dangerfish.  He gets no respect.
Rodney Dangerfish. He gets no respect.

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