Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge: Poor Poor Björn

This weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge is to write a story in exactly 33 words using the sentence “It wasn’t the first time.” as a prompt.

It wasn’t the first time. After Björn Björngenjorgen slipped on a cooked eel and hit his head resulting in intermittent amnesia, there wasn’t a day that went  by where poor Björn didn’t say, “I wasn’t Björn yesterday . . . was I?”

Poor, poor Björn

Until next time . . . I love you

39 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge: Poor Poor Björn

  1. Haha! I wonder how many times a day people with the name Bjorn have to put up with that line?! haha!
    How do I get the umlaut over the O? I told you I don’t know my way around a key board! LOL!

    • Oh it’s called an umlaut? At least you know what it’s called! I just google the word Bjorn and then copy and paste the one that has the umlaut. You’ve got the name and I’ve got the know -how! See how we compliment each other Lisa! HA 😀

      • Haha! We do compliment each other! I took German in College and that’s the only word I remember!!! Okay, good to know about the copy and paste, I’ll try that next time I need an Umlaut- hopefully it won’t be soon!

        • Hahahaha! Yes let’s hope you won’t need one soon! 😀 And good for you Lisa for remembering one word from your college Germann class! LOL! And you actually got to use it too! Oh happy day (doich?)!

    • oh, thank you Cathie. And your blog does the same for me! 😀 It is a challenge to find time to get to all the blogs we love! I’m way behind having spent time away from my computer all weekend and experienced a thing I vaguely remember from my long ago pre-blog days. I think it’s called outside.

      • Ha! Ya gotta take a vacation! I took a vacation from blogging last week to concentrate on the last week of school with my kids. It was awesome…I love blogging, but it was nice not to stress about what I was going to post! LOL

  2. I’ve stepped on cooked eels, and I’ve stepped on raw eels. You go further on a cooked eel. I think it’s the olive oil… : P

    The nutty author of this blog is clearly a björn comedienne… : )

  3. Mark, I’ll have you know you have just thought up the title for my book! You Go Further on a Cooked Eel. It’s perfect! It’s the book I was björn to write! 😀

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