The Further Wackadoodle Adventures of 1956 Mom

Dear Readers, here are some more tips from the pages of this 1956 Betty Crocker Cookbook (see earlier tips here) that I got at — guess where? That’s right! The thrift store!

Anyway, I noticed when compiling these tips that the “tip section” is prefaced by this cheerful poem written to inspire 1956 Mom to keep working like a dog no matter what!

If you’re tired from overwork,

Household chores you’re bound to shirk

Read these pointers tried and true

And discover what to do

–1956 Edition of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book

As you can see, comfortable clothing for 1956 Mom consisted of a pencil skirt, and apron tied tight enough to cut off circulation to the kidneys and shoes that one’s heel didn’t fit into.

Which was a big improvement over the comfortable clothes Betty Crocker suggested for 1955 Mom which was a sturdy pair cactus needle pedal pushers, a cardigan sweater woven entirely of straw and wooden clogs.

Oh that Betty! She knew 1956 Mom needed to conserve her energy so that she could keep working from the crack of dawn to the stroke of midnight and what better way than to alternate sitting and standing!

If you look closely at the big roller that 1956 mom is operating, it looks as though she may have inadvertently flattened her right arm! 1956 Mom is still smiling though because she got to be sitting down while she was doing it!

Frankly, when giving this tip, Betty Crocker seemed to be slacking off a bit by leaving off both the illustration and the punctuation –but hey, maybe she was trying to get 1956 Mom to use her own imagination for once.

Well, at least Betty managed to assign “head work” for 1956 Mom while 1956 Mom keeps her hands busy dusting, sweeping and washing! For instance, 1956 Mom can be planning family recreation or planning the garden or planning how she will run away from home and never ever come back.

As you can see in this tip, Betty Crocker is pointing out to 1956 Mom that with a little planning and organizing, she can train her family to help with different jobs.

Young children can clear the table or, perhaps, get a job in the textile mill down the street for 12 hours a day; while the older ones can cook or, perhaps, plow the fields and chop wood til the sun goes down because Betty Crocker knows that chances are the Child Protective Services of 1956 will more than likely never know.

That Betty has a heart as big as all get out! Just when 1956 Mom cannot wash one more dish or vacuum one more floor or think up one more plan for her family’s recreation, Betty Crocker has suggested that 1956 Mom actually sit down and close her eyes and just relax her muscles!

That’s right 1956 Mom. Betty Crocker says it’s OK to let your arms, hands and head fall limp. There now. Don’t you feel better now 1956 Mom? . . . .1956 Mom? . . .   1956 Mom answer Betty!  . . .

Hmm . . . apparently 1956 Mom is too tired to revive just yet — but rest assured Betty Crocker will keep trying . . . for there are so many more household chores still to be done!

And for crying out loud, she hasn’t even started the cooking yet!

Until next time . . . I love you just as much as Betty Crocker does

15 thoughts on “The Further Wackadoodle Adventures of 1956 Mom

  1. Haha! “…or planning how she will run away from home and never ever come back.” Lol! I think it was really thoughtful of Betty Crocker to update 1956 mom’s cleaning attire, getting her out of the straw sweater and wooden clogs and moving her into a tight pencil skirt and ill fitting shoes. So much better! haha! And to think 1956 mom gets to start all over again the next day! What a life!

  2. I would pay serious money to see a cardigan sweater woven entirely of straw and wooden clogs. I mean, what stitch do you use so the wooden clogs stay in? And which setting would you use on the washing machine?

  3. Hahahaha! Ya got me completely on that one EG! And weaving clogs into a pull over sweater is one thing, but being able to weave clogs into a cardigan, well now that’s nothing short of supernatural. I think you have to wash it by hand or it’ll clog the washing machine. Do you not concur?

  4. Funny…thing is it probably wasn’t considered at all funny back then…Betty has mother multi-tasking…while she does mundane chores she’s supposed to plan the family’s recreation and what she wants to do next in the garden etc. …just exactly where does 1956’s husband do around the house…oh I forgot…he goes to work!….Diane

    • You’re right. I don’t think they considered it funny or absurd at all back then. And if you’ll remember on Leave it to Beaver, Ward Cleaver left to go golfing every Saturday! What a life! So basically he was home one day a week leaving June to do everything! He did help her dry the dishes though! HA!

  5. I feel so guilty. We illustrators have a lot to answer for. We drew those cute little pictures that kept 1956 Mom’s nose to the grindstone… : (

    Well, I, for one, am going to atone!! I’m going to download that sit-stand picture and delete that horrible old roller and try to save 1956 Mom’s poor flattened arm!! Yes! That’s what I’ll do!! Soon she’ll be well again! Soon she’ll have a strong right arm, good as new!!

    Then maybe she can start supper. Man, I’m starved… : P

    • Haha! It’s Super Illustrator Man Markie Macgiggles to the rescue. I thank you and 1956 Mom thanks you! Now we can only hope she’ll be able to stay out of the way of the steamroller until she’s done preparing supper. (Those 1956 roads needed so much dusting!) 😀

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