Trifecta Weekend 33-Word Poetry Challenge: Reaching Singularity

This weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge is to write a poem in 33 words:

Reaching Singularity

on an elevator
with just yourself
life delayed
on an elevator
with just yourself
plus 14 people — but they’re so quiet it’s like being
on an elevator
with just yourself

“Maybe this is the alone button.”

31 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekend 33-Word Poetry Challenge: Reaching Singularity

  1. Hi,
    Great poem. Life does get delayed that is for sure. 🙂
    The first thing I thought of when I read the word elevator is the last time I was in one, there was a kid running around pushing all the elevator buttons, and it stopped on every floor, a complete nightmare. A lesson learned, never, ever go to do anything important during school holidays, especially if it is on the 24th floor. 😀

  2. Brilliant! I’d ask the rest of the people with me on the elevator what they thought of it, but they look like they just want to be left alone.
    On the elevator.

    • Haha! I know Ronnie! And even if “The Slasher” got on at the next stop, he could “have a”t everybody and they probably still wouldn’t say anything! Haha! 😀

  3. This was really, really good. Even the title! Part of the reason that it is good is that it rings so true. Another reason that I like it is the structure and the repeated part. Really nice 🙂

  4. best way to break tension on an elevator?

    I wait until the doors close and the car begins to move – then I turn with back to the doors, face the rest of the folks, look at them solemnly and say:

    “I suppose you wonder why I’ve called you all here.”

    brings smiles every (okay, MOST of the) time.

    lovely poem.

    • Haha! Barbara! Well if I’m ever on elevator one day and somebody does that I’ll definitely come up to you and introduce myself! HA! (Hey that would make a pretty good Trifecta Story wouldn’t it?)

  5. Thank you so much for linking up to Trifextra this weekend. The challenge this weekend will be judged by the community. So please come back to the Trifecta home page and click the stars next to the three posts you most enjoyed. You only have until Monday at 8 am EST, so hurry!

  6. standing

    no movement, frozen

    people passing like boats in the bathtub, smirking


    why lost time stops wondering who if how long

    more people hurrying by, snickering

    tumbleweeds, candy wrappers, a muddy torn Potty Barn catalogue

    wondering if Linda Vernon is at the thrift store


    hey wait this is not an escalator

    only stairs

    (55 words => disqualified) : (

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