Friday Fictioneers: Rodney Dangerfish

Welcome Dear Readers! It’s time Friday Fictioneers brought to us through the miracle of technology and the miracle of Rochell Wisoff Field’s blog Addicted to Purple. 

Go over and check out the picture, write a 100-word story about it and link up! You’ll never regret it.  It’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel although we would NEVER actually do something like that! Would we?

And now for this week’s picture prompt:

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Rodney Dangerfish

It’s my birthday. But do any of these suckers care?  I don’t get no respect.

The other day I saw a friend of mine,  Buckminster.  I says hey, Buckminster, how’s it goin?  And he says hi Marla.  So I told him, my name’s not Marla, Marla’s my girlfriend.  He says, what a coincidence, she’s my girlfriend too!”

I don’t get no respect.

I told the Big Kahuna it was my birthday.  He says Happy Birthday, Marla.  I says thanks but my name’s not Marla, Marla’s my girlfriend but she has the same birthday.

Big Kahuna says what a coincidence.  She’s my girlfriend too.

Rodney Dangerfish.  He gets no respect.
Rodney Dangerfish. He gets no respect.

Until next time . . . I love you

42 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Rodney Dangerfish

  1. Dear Marla,
    Happy Birthday to you and your girlfriend. I don’t know Buckminster was your friend, what a coincidence. He says he’s too broke to pay respect, but wishes you a happy birthday too.

  2. Somethin’ seems a little fishy about Marla. I’d say she’s headed for trouble with two guys already believing she’s their girlfriend. Too bad you didn’t have more words to work with. We could see just how many guys she has on the hook and when she’ll have to pay the price for bating all of them at once.

    • LOL!! Marla got lucky this time, but next time she might not be so luck, Sandra! I’d have to bring in more comedians. Maybe Groucho and WC Fields would have to make an appearance. Oh what fun they would have! 😀

  3. Dear Linda,

    Holy Mackerel…something fishy about this story. I’ll admit to being hooked and reeled in. Thanks for the fish story. A hearty LOL from my koi pond to yours.



  4. Dear Linda,

    You and Rodney….a match made in comedy heaven. I’d ask you where you get these ideas but I’m afraid to know.

    Still laughing here.



    • What a nice compliment Doug! I’m lucky enough to have my brain, Peanuts, to blame everything on. Peanuts thinks up everything and I just go along for the ride! So glad you enjoyed it! 😀

  5. I’m a fan of Dangerfield and his comedy. And I’m certain that he’d approve of how you’ve incorporated is particular brand of funny into this story. I know I do.

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