Trifecta Writing Challenge: El Guapo Guapola Takes the Plunge!

Hello Dear Readers!  It’s time once again for the Trifecta Writing Challenge. This week our prompt for the story is the third definition of crush:: to reduce to particles by pounding or grinding <crush rock>

El Guapo Guapola Takes the Plunge!

Full-Time Adventurer and Part-Time Blogger, El Guapo Guapola and his hired Sherpa, Jimmy, trudged through the snow at the base of Mount Everest, synchronizing their steps to the rhythm of ZZTop – Double Back as they began their historic ascent up the mountain.

For you see,  El Guapo Guapola was about to attempt to become the very first human to bungee jump from the top of Mount Everest, and, if he was successful, he would not only have the world at his feet, he might possibly have the world as far up as his mid-thy.

“Jimmy, my man,” said El Guapo.  “Hand me another clove cigarette so that I may dangle it languidly from my lips.”*

Jimmy reached into his backpack and fished out a clove cigarette.  “Would you like your usual shot of Jameson to go with that?”

“But of course!”  said our hero.

The only sound that could be heard was the crush of ice as Jimmy set up a full rocks glass of Jameson.  EG downed the shot.  Smooth*  and thought about a Sunday afternoon long ago where the very same drink had been the catalyst for his historic naked dance on the bar of a pub he couldn’t remember the name of.

As they climbed higher, EG was starting to get chilled from the Arctic (or possibly Antarctic) winds and began to question his decision to wear his Lucky Rock Climbing Outfit. He was thankful he had remembered to include his ski clothes in Jimmy’s backpack.

When at last they reached the summit, Jimmy fastened the bungee cord to El Guapo Guapola’s ankle.  But El Guapo just couldn’t take the cold any longer.  He would have to change into his ski clothes before taking the plunge.

Quickly he tore off his rock climbing clothes.  But just then his toes. Start. To Slip*.

. . . and the rest is history . . .

The Magnificent Hair of the man who wanted a pony!  Happy Birthday to you!!!
The Magnificent Hair of the man who wanted a pony! Happy Birthday to you!!!

* Writing by El Guapo, Paraphrasing by Linda Vernon

Until next time . . . I love you


28 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: El Guapo Guapola Takes the Plunge!

  1. EGAD!!! What happens next?!?

    Thanks so much for this Linda! I love the story! (Especially the way you improved it so much from what I’d written in my journal)
    (which I’d like back at some point.)

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