Friday Comics: Our Beloved Al

Our Beloved Al

Until next time . . . I love you

12 thoughts on “Friday Comics: Our Beloved Al

  1. hahahah! I hope he tunes in each week to read these. I’m sure he’d be very flattered and happy to know that people are being reminded that he invented the internet. : D

  2. You forgot to draw Al’s patches on his elbows. He considers himself a teacher now and God forbid he forget to wear what all sterotypical professor’s wear. Elbow patches!

  3. You are so right! How did I forget those? I’m adding them in next week, because he can’t be without them and I think I can handle the drawing of the circles! 😀

  4. In the last panel, Al only has half a head. Which means he dropped to being a quarter-wit instead of a half-wit. Oh wait, he’s Al– make that a one-sixteenth-wit… : P

    Love that first pose: Al readies his bulk for flight (in his dreams). And I love his crazy FrankenWalk– it could be a new dance craze!! Stiff City!! : )

    • Haha! So glad you liked it Mark! Actually Stiff City sounds like the perfect retirement community for Al. He could retire there among others of his kind (like Frankenstein and . . .well I can’t think of any other examples . . .) but I bet Al would like Stiff City where everyone rides Segways and everywhere you look there’s ice melting . . . LOL! 😀

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