A Visit from the Science Channel Lady!

Dear Readers! Wonderful news!  The Science Channel Lady has been kind enough to drop by the blog today and answer some questions  for us!  We couldn’t be more delighted!

The Science Channel Lady

Here’s our first question for you Science Channel Lady:

Ha!  Now this is a question that keeps me up at night!   Thinking about books and pencils and other things too like oxygen and hydrogen and carbon dioxide and how I attended  junior high school with Carl Sagan!

Which reminds me . . . did I mention yet that plutonium is an element that is heavier than uranium? Because it is you know!  I don’t care who you are.  You could be the President of the United States or you could be Betsy Sue Parker who went out with Carl Sagan in junior high school for about three days!  Ha!

Obviously Carl didn’t have any idea that Betsy Sue Parker didn’t know plutonium was heavier than uranium like I did — or he would have never EVER asked her to the Valentine’s Day dance. He would have asked me. That’s who he would have asked.  He would have asked MEEEEEEEEE!

Okie Doke!  Let’s move onto the next question quickly.

Hmmm. . . well all I know is that when I went to junior high school with Carl Sagan, I remember that Carl went out with both of them at the same time for about two whole weeks!

And you know how they say two heads are better than one?  Well not in their case.  I know for a fact that neither one of them knew that Alcaligenes paradoxus was on the list of approved bacterium.  They thought it was on the list of bacterium waiting to be approved. Can you imagine?

I can’t think what Carl Sagan saw in those two air heads or why he let them take him to the Sadie Hawkins dance when he should have gone with me. MEEEEEE!

Okie Doke.  Fortunately we only have time for one more question Science Channel Lady.

Hmmm . . . that depends.  Let me use an example from when I attended junior high school with Carl Sagan.  You see, Carl liked a lot of girls who I would have to categorize as dogs– intellectually speaking, of course!  For instance, he once liked a girl who failed to start every sentence with “according to the laws of physics”  like I did! (What a woof!)

And frankly, just between you and me and the Unified Field Theory, Carl was a great big chicken.  Otherwise he would have had the courage to go out with me.  MEEEEEEEE!

Okay!  That’s all the question we have time for today Science Channel Lady.  Thank you for coming by.

Okay. But did I mention that Carl Sagan went to junior school with me.  MEEEE!

Yeah we got that.


Until next time . . . I love you

20 thoughts on “A Visit from the Science Channel Lady!

  1. I begin to wonder if all the various ladies – Science, Drawing, Voodoo – are all failed Rockette dancers who are teaching only until they figure out a way to sneak back into Radio City Music Hall and break some kneeca- perform in the Christmas Spectacular…

  2. haha! Carl Sagan! I just looked him up on Google for a refresher and he is one hunk of burning love or fossil fuel, whichever you prefer. There was also something called “Carl Sagan’s Portal” but I didn’t dare open it up. I was afraid of what I might find! haha!

  3. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to go so far as to say that a guy like Carl really rocked the Science Channel Lady World! Followed closely by Bill Nye the Science guy! Haha! Carl Sagan’s Portal. Do I dare enter? I’m going in Lisa! If I don’t came back, you’ll know where to find me! 😀

  4. Can I just say that I think the Science lady is my new favorite (taking the place of the drawing lady and voodo lady who I still love but have replaced) and I especially like how you depicted her in your life like drawing. I think you might have to write your next post about the “no way shape or fooooooooooooorm” guy.

    • Oh I love that — Universal truths vs. the truths of the universe! Dogs vs Gods. Dogs and Gods are mirror image twins! Am I rambling? I can’t tell. Speaking of rambling . . . Grams IS still missing. Pottery Barn is thinking about upping the reward to $17.45.

    • Uh oh Sooz! I think I see The Science Channel Lady heading your way and shes carrying a really big stick. If she gets violent I would suggest you give her a good thwack upside the head with Carl’s really big flask! HA!

  5. I’m just back from the doctor. Another case of the Uncontrollable Shoulder Shakes. He always says the same thing: “Stop reading Linda Vernon’s blog!!” And I always give the same reply: “I can’t, doc– she’s funnier’n Al Gore tryna speak with his mouth fulla Funyuns!!”

    The questions reduced me to tears, the 634 MEEEEEE’s reduced me to tears, and of course, sticking my head in the Funyuns bag always reduces me to tears… : P

    Wonderful cartoon drawing!! I like how the SCL looks very smart, plus tough enough to stare down a Gigantic Electro-Magnetic Field!! One of your funniest, bwana! : )

  6. Haha!! Funnier that Al Gore with a mouth full of Funyuns! I consider that the ultimate in compliments Mr. MacGiggles! I love your observation about the SCL staring abilities. She perfected that while staring down her rivals for the love of Carl! If only SCL could have figured out how to get that Giganic Electro-Magnetic to attract Carl instead of repel him . . . sigh . . .

    I hope you know that I love your comments even more than Al loves his Funyuns, Mark!!!

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