The Pillsbury Cookbook People of 1967

Hello Dear Readers!  Today we will be thumbing through this 1967 Pillsbury cookbook to see if we can get a glimpse into the lives of the people who populated the 1967 pages of Pillsbury’s world of cooking.

1967 Pillsbury Time Save Cook Book

Join me as I open some pages, won’t you?

Much of Marriage happens in the kitchen?  Get out!

Here we find Über Exuberant Pillsbury Husband and Pillsbury Wife happily enjoying quality togetherness perusing the pages of their Pillsbury Cookbook, the pillar upon which their Über successful marriage is entirely based.

a couple looked at a Pillsbury cookbook

Candlelight remembered . . . That little restaurant . . . His laughable attempts to duplicate a secret sauce . . . because in 1967 Pillsbury Husbands were apparently total bozos . .

man and woman enjoying Pillsbury Cookbook together

Of course, in 1967 not only was Pillsbury Husband a Bozo, so was his offspring, Pillsbury Bozo Junior.

Here we get a glimpse into the mind of Pillsbury Bozo Junior.  While most boys his age were dreaming about hitting home runs or winning the Indianapolis 500, Pillsbury Bozo Junior was dreaming

about this:

Pillsbury dough boy dreaming A bowl of technicolor yawn enclosed inside a tumorous spleen!

and this:

1967 boy dreaming of food

A vision of rolled turkey roast and Jiffy Quick Dressing with Snappy Sweet Potatoes . . . shh . . . don’t snap too loudly Snappy Sweet Potatoes or you’ll awaken Pillsbury Bozo Junior from his glutenous slumber!

Oh and we can’t forget this:

Pillsbury boy dreaming of pumpkin pie

Pancreas stuffed Pumpkin pie and candied Christmas Balls! Sleep tight precious, Pillsbury Bozo Junior, sleep tight.

And just as the people who populated the Pillsbury Cookbook of 1967 were starting to get boringly predictable —

–with all their joy and all their internal organs galore — The Pillsbury Cookbook People of 1967 suddenly throw in this thought-provoking page of strangeness:

Pillsbury Cookbook 1967, bong bong

So ask not for whom the bell tolls, Dear Reader, it tolls for thee Pillsbury Cookbook People of 1967.

Until next time . . . I  love you

27 thoughts on “The Pillsbury Cookbook People of 1967

  1. ahaha! “There’s them squiggly things again.”
    The bowl of technicolor yawn enclosed in a tumorous spleen is my favorite! That looks yummy! And the candied christmas balls so close to the pancreas stuffed pumpkin pie! lol!

    The last page has me perplexed – did they forget to include an ingredient, say, I don’t know, maybe LSD??

    • LOL!!! Lisa! I think they did get a little confused after ingesting the LSD filled tortes. It was just downhill from there! I just looked at the picture of Bozo Jr. and he has a five o’clock shadow. I guess that’s supposed to be a grown man! A grown man who has apparently has eaten too many of the LSD tortes! HA!

  2. sweet dreams at 1.55am every night, but come 2.30am he awakes screaming and having soiled the bed as the Pilsbury dough boy taunts him by making love to his mother whilst laughing maniacally.

    Only bad things can come from eating the Time-wise Torte just before bed time

  3. So a secret to a happy marriage is reading Pillsbury cookbooks in the kitchen!? If I only I knew this sooner! I could have avoided all those fights we had while trying to make a happy marriage happen in the bathroom.

  4. My mom already commented on my favorite parts. She stole them all! What am I supposed to say now?
    Do you think Pillsbury Bozo Junior is single?

  5. I am glad I didnt; come along until 1969.. do you think they made those thinking about the image they were portraying to people in the future? I wonder about that sometimes. Do they still make them like that? Jr would be the husband now – wonder if he is still a bozo? hmmmm

    • I’m glad you had nothing to do with the Bozo family and waited a full two years to be born after the publication of this cookbook! Your a smart girl Lizzie! I don’t know if they ever thought about how the images would weather the test of time. But that would be a fun take on one of these old cookbooks. Thanks for the idea Cyberdaughter!!

  6. How odd! I’ve seen tumorous spleens in many of my medical journals, but never in a cookbook– the Pillsbury Pimples were ahead of their time!!

    Bozo, Jr. clearly had the makings of a future Funyun eater– I’ll bet he weighs at least 400 pounds by now… : P

    • LOL!!! Well, I actually think Bozo Jr. might have gown up to become the Pillsbury Dough boy, himself. I think Al was in the running for that job but when he went to the audition with Funyun crumbs all over his face, he completely blew his chances. He’s still trying for the Funyuns Spokesperson job but so far no luck since you have to have won TWO Nobel prizes for that job. Poor Al.

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