What Were We Thinking Eighties

Welcome Dear Readers to the very first edition of What Were We Thinking Eighties.  Let’s start with some 1984 crocheting booklets that I was lucky enough to score at the thrift shop yesterday! YES! (Okay, nobody else wanted them, but still!)

Let’s Look Inside Annie’s Pattern Club Newsletter!

Humorous 80's commentary
Isn’t it  inexplicably wonderful?

Annie’s Pattern Club was (or possibly still is) a newsletter where mega-talented crocheters crocheted something original and then sent the pattern to Annie, and she would publish the cream-of-the-crop designs her newsletter.

And as you will see, never have so many people come up with so many crocheted solutions for so many things that were never a problem  in the first place.  Let’s look at a few, shall we?

Crocheted Football Mitts

Crocheted Football Mitts.  Why didn't they ever "catch" on?  Why?
“Gosh!  I don’t understand it.  Billy went to play football with the guys and he didn’t take his  Crocheted Football Mitts I made him.”
“Well that’s weird, maybe he didn’t want the rest of the players to feel bad because they don’t have a pair of Crocheted Football Mitts.”
“You know you’re probably right. I’ll get busy and crochet some mitts for the whole team!”

Church Puppet

Storybook Puppet
Need: Attention Getting Device to Keep Children Focused on Bible Stories.
Crocheted Solution: A church puppet, not to be confused the a church pulpit. (Although, a dust cozy for a church pulpit probably would have  made it into Annie’s Newsletter too.)  But what better way for little children to learn about the bible than through the crocheted lips of this memorable, but-not-in-a-good-way church puppet.  Oh sure it might give the little tikes nightmares, but they’ll certainly never forget the experience (no matter how hard they try).

Lil Guy Tie

Little Guy Tie
“Oh no Helen! I can’t find little Billy’s tie anywhere, and we’re going to be late for the formal occasion for which toddler formal attire  is required. What ever shall I do?”
“Don’t worry, Madge! While you were blabbing on and on just now, I knitted Little Billy a tie, a pair of football mitts and a church puppet.”
“Oh Helen I’m blown away!  Maybe you could crochet me something to wear to a formal occasion while you’re at it.”

What to wear to a formal occasion in the 80’s

Formal ocassion attire 80's style
“Here’s some formal attire I knitted for you while you were blowing your nose, Madge. I think it’s perfect for any formal gathering don’t you?”
“DO I! I’ll be the talk of the town wearing this outfit, Helen. Thank you!”
“You are so welcome, Midge!”
“Uh my name’s Madge.”
“Yeah whatever.  And remember, I’m only loaning you my hat!”

And there you have it Dear Readers, this blogs very first installment of What Were We Thinking Eighties.  

Until next time . . . I love you

34 thoughts on “What Were We Thinking Eighties

  1. I would wear the shawl-y thingy. Also, if my kids had a crocheted football, I would let them throw it around the house. Also, I would want the harlot or Lot’s wife church puppet, not Mrs. Noah.

  2. I wonder why that jaunty newsie man (pretending to be a 10 year old from 1923) is fake excited/surprised about the fact that those evil mouth less twin red headed dolls possessed his car causing it to spew chemicals all over the crotchet creatures.

  3. I think you should crochet Henry a pair of football mittens fir his future use during high school. Then again, knowing your sewing skills they would probably turn into a ball of tangled yarn with some duct tape.

  4. i´m in an awsome need for three crocheted delicate tree trunks in assorted colours for my Atlas crocheted garden, three white crocheted gardenia flowers and a violet crocheted heliotropus with suitable cocheted perfume to match the colour. in the certainty that you will surplus all my expectations and crocheted dreams for my garden airs! looking forward to you crocheted inspiring answer. yours cincerily!

    • Oh my gosh! Now that’s a tall order even for the most stalwart of fingers! I think the tree trunks in assorted colors is doable and the gardenia flowers are a definite possibility. I’m a little worried about the heliotropus with crocheted perfume to match the color. However, if we can put a man on the moon in a crocheted space capsule, I’m just sure we can crochet a heliotropus with matching perfume for heaven sakes! 😀

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