The 33 Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Day Frieda Flerf Got Lost in a Bag of Skittles

This week’s Trifecta 33 word writing challenge is to build upon an earlier 33 word challenge:

The original challenge was to write 33 words in which the word “lost” appears in the title but not in the story.  Today’s challenge is to add 33 more words to the original story.

The Day Frieda Flerf Got Lost in a Bag of Skittles

While eating Skittles, Frieda Flerf suddenly found herself inside the bag, pinned between a red one and a yellow one.  As she began gnawing her way to freedom, she heard mama calling, “Frieda!”

When Mama Flerf heard Frieda Flerf’s screams coming from the Skittles bag, she carefully lifted Frieda out, chastised her firmly, then made her clean Barbie’s entire Dream House for eating between meals again.

Oh how Frieda hated her Hoarder Barbie Dream House

29 thoughts on “The 33 Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Day Frieda Flerf Got Lost in a Bag of Skittles

  1. First, I love the pic of the Hoarder Barbie Dream House. Who knew she was a hoarder? Lol! And this story has such a good moral. Frieda should know that you never eat Skittles out of the bag! What was she thinking? Another great story, Linda. I’m still laughing!

  2. The question is: when Frieda grows up will she still find herself in the bag?
    And will she seek help with her hoard-ism? Will she still play with barbies – or will she outgrow all these infantile obsessive symptoms to lead a happy and health Flerfull life style, eating Skittles and avoiding community watch shooters on the way home from 7-11’s on the streets of Florida. Now there’s something to worry about.

  3. This had me giggling. While Hoarders, the show, typically grosses me out, Bab’s Dream House is a riot. For the love of Skiddles, which I do, Freida either needs to be more sneaky or eat the with permission after dinner (but she did exactly what I would do…indulge in candy at will!)

    • Ha ha! Me too Gina! I think I’d almost be agreeable to cleaning up after Hoarder Barbie if I got to hang out in a bag of Skittles! But that’s just me . . .and you . . .so far anyway. 😀

  4. I love the Hoarder Barbie Dreamhouse. But unless you combine the house with Cat Lady Barbie, it really needs Barbie scale rats.

    • Hey you’re right! LOL! Cat Lady Barbie! You know what I’m thinking, C.D. is that newborn baby hamsters are Barbie Scale Sized rats! Wouldn’t that be hilarious for a hamster habitat. What this world needs is humorous hamster habitats. Don’t you think?

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