My Choice for 2013’s Most Annoying Verbiage

Well, Dear Readers, it’s time to  talk about the most annoying and overused words of 2013 which will be totally awesome and amazing and, like, whatever!

Michigan University has a website where people go throughout the year to vote for the words they think are the most annoying. This year “selfie”  “twerking” and “hashtag” topped their list of 2013’s most annoying words.

Well, Dear Readers, I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with my own list of annoying verbiage that I’ve managed to glean this year from conversations I’ve eavesdropped on while browsing through magazines at Barnes and Noble. The first one is:


Couples who call each other babe is fine.  But when you’re trying to concentrate on a Mad Magazine and the annoying couple standing next to you thumbing through Dwell Magazine are beginning and ending every sentence they utter with the word babe, as in:

“Babe, look at this, Babe!”

“Babe, we should totally do that with our kitchen, Babe!”

“Babe, yeah we should totally, Babe!”

Babe, yeah, yeah, yeah, Babe!”

. . . well, Dear Readers, hearing so many babes in rapid succession like that makes me want to leave and go upstairs to the Barns and Noble  snack bar and eat two stale Toffee Crunch Blondie Brownies as a way of making it up to myself.

Another phrase I find extremely annoying is:

“Stay off the technology!”

I remember a time last year when I was at the Barnes and Noble Magazine stand catching up on my Royal Baby news when I overheard a mother tell her children they could go upstairs if they promised her they would “stay off technology.”

I don’t know why, Dear Readers, and maybe it’s just me, but that phrase made me want to throw up stale Toffee Crunch Blondie Brownie right onto the pages of Babe’s Dwell Magazine.

But the phrase I find the most annoying of all is:

“Not a problem.”

I have a big problem with “not a problem”.  Okay to be fair, I’m not annoyed when someone uses “not a problem” when responding to actual problems, such as:

“Excuse me.  Would you mind helping me with this bank robbery?”

“Not a problem.”


“Listen, don’t bother returning my plumber’s helper to me after your are done unplugging your toilet.”

“Not a problem.”

But what I abhor is when “not a problem” becomes insidious and starts leaking into my very own conversation against my will — like, say, when I’m ordering goodies at the Barnes and Noble snack bar:

Me:  Yes, I’ll have a Lemon Crumb Bar.

Girl:  Not a problem.  That will be$3.75.

Me: Not a problem, thanks.

Girl:  Not a problem.

Me:  Oh, I’m sorry but this is stale.

Girl:  Not a problem. Here’s another one.

Me:  Alright not a problem, thanks.

Girl:  Not a problem.

Me:  Oh can I have a bag?

Girl:  Not a problem.  Oh, sorry, we’re out of bags.

Me:  Not a problem.

Girl:  So sorry.

Me:  Not a problem! Thank you.

Girl:  Not a problem!

Me:  Not a problem!

Anyway, Dear Readers, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to annoying verbiage or whatever but for the life of me I can’t think of anything else that’s amazing or awesome.  I hope that’s not a problem.

Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “My Choice for 2013’s Most Annoying Verbiage

  1. Well Linda, firstly let me wish you a Happy New Year, its already 7 hours old here, sunny, promising another hot summers day, but hey, that’s not not a problem as I plan to stay off the technology today, well maybe not not babe, but I’ll do my best to make it a productive day.
    Have a good one, keep those funny bones of yours a rattlin’ honey and we say down ‘ere, yor a grouse sheila, no worries and luvs ya back!!

  2. How about… ‘cool’ me… I bought this new dress…Them … ‘cool’ …I was hoping maybe to hear ‘That’s really nice’ or ‘pretty’ etc. me .. We’re going on a wonderful vacation…. them …. ‘cool’… you get the idea… Diane… p.s. Happy New Year Linda!…..

    • Oh! I know what you mean about cool. I hate when I go into a long explanation about something and all the other person says is cool! GAH!! Happy New Year to you too Diane. I hope it’s the best one ever!

  3. “Stay off technology” would have been too vague for my son. To make him clearly understand I would have to say, “Don’t be surfing porn, damn it!” I’m sure 2014 will provide an ample supply of new phrases to abhor. After all, we need new material for our blogs. 🙂
    Until next year, I bid you a fond adieu.

    • Ah yes! Now that we can blog, all the annoying things life has to offer can be magically transformed into wonderful blog fodder. It’s the ultimate in recycling! I do so look forward to all the nonsense that awaits us in 2014! And in that vein may I wish you a Happy New Year Russell! (and a happy new year in all the other veins as well!)

  4. Happy New Year! Have no worries!

    Oh, and um… Michigan University didn’t ban those words, Lake Superior State University did. It’s a that ritual happens every year (and so is burning a snowman in “spring”) I only say this because I went there.

  5. Sadly, there are no words to describe people who play the accordion professionally.
    but if there were, I’d want them banned.

    Accordion music. Bleagh.

    • I can’t think of a word to describe accordion playing . . . I’ll have to go hang around the Barnes and Noble magazine rack until I hear someone using accordion verbiage. According to my calculations it should only take 3,452,936 and 29 cents.

  6. Gah! Your one act play, “Not a Problem…Or Is It?” highlighted everything I hate (Yes, its a strong word, and yes, I mean it) about that phrase. I think I’d rather chew on tin foil while listening to the Nails On Chalkboard symphony orchestra.

    • Oh I could not agree more. I practically wince when I hear it. It brings out the crotchety in me, that’s for sure! A chalkboard symphony orchestra! eeeeyaaaaeeeeccchhhh!

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