The Casserole People of 1965

Hello Dear Readers!

Today we are going to explore the past via the magic of the pictures in  “The Casserole Cookbook .”  Let’s peek in on the perfect cartoon people of 1965 who populated cookbooks thousands and thousands of minutes ago.

Meet the Perfects of 1965. 

There’s Father, Ken (smoking the pipe), and Mother, Kendra, (wearing the dress) and their children, Fine Young Lad, Kenny, and Girl the Size of a Newborn Baby with Abilities and Hair Far Beyond Her Years who goes by the name of. . . uh . . . oh, who cares what her name is, she’s a girl!

Oh, and there’s also their dog whose name is Spot (in accordance with the United States Government Bulletin Regarding Spotted Dog Names as mandated by item 14.4.3; pages 427.)

And then, of course, we can’t forget the Perfect’s two anti-gravity fish (both named Wanda) who are floating in the air above their heads just in case the Perfects get hungry . . . for fish.

The Perfects are watching a live television broadcast called The Casserole Cookbook Show.

At first glance, you would think they were overly interested in The Casserole Cookbook Show, But you see, the Perfects know they live inside of The Casserole Cookbook.  So it’s kind of like when our astronauts went to the moon and sent back images of earth.

Guess what kind of casserole Kendra Perfect is planning to serve her husband, Ken, her Fine Lad, Kenny and her weird little girl, what’s her name?

If you guessed Roller Coaster Casserole you are not only right; you’re extremely lucky when it comes to guessing.

As you can see, Father Ken has changed into his tuxedo and grown a mustache in order to truly appreciate the subtle flavors of the Roller Coaster Casserole.

And Fine Lad, Kenny, has a huge smile on his face despite the fact that he was born with an inability to cross his legs.

And look!  The Perfects have even gone to the trouble stacking up some government bulletins for weird little what’s her name to sit on so she can reach her fork!

And of course they are all raising their hands in the Roller Coaster Casserole Salute as Mother Kendra steps out from within the pages of their home planet to present her Perfect family with a Perfect Meal. 

And lest we forget, their two fish (the Wandas) are still floating in the air above their heads only now they have been inserted into boxes and gift wrapped and marked with a big letter L!  Why?

Because even the Perfect’s anti-gravity fish know that Roller Coaster Casserole is Lummy in Your Tummy!

Well, Dear Readers, this is probably a good time to bid adieu to the Perfects and let them enjoy their meal in peace by gently closing The Casserole Cookbook and allowing the them to just be perfect!
Until next time . . . I love you.

23 thoughts on “The Casserole People of 1965

  1. The perfect 1950’s family complete with attractive dad in his early 30’s with mom no older than 25, strapping son and female child. Who needs a picture of the Roller Coaster Casserole when I can look at the perfect family instead. I’m going to tell Tyler he simply MUST start wearing a tuxedo to dinner from now on.

  2. LOL! The anti-gravity fish and the girl the size of a new born baby crack me up! Oh my gosh, I love taking these little strolls down memory lane with you. It’s like we lived on another planet in the 1960’s! Haha!

  3. I think that weird little girl (WLG) is the .6 children the stats are always going on about.

    Surely you’ve heard of flying fish! They were very common in the homes of the 60s. We had some, but our dog, Spot, ate them. We’d forgotten to buy them the Little Lair hideouts (that’s the L.L. boxes; same company that started L.L.Bean). I’m sure this is all true memory and has nothing to do with all that “Mary Jew Anna” stuff everyone was smoking back then.

    • Hahahaha! Oh so that’s how L.L. Bean got started! Yes now that I look closer I can see that WLG is definitely wearing an L.L. Bean T-shirt (size .6) And now I understand why Father looks so contented smoking that pipe! 😀

  4. Ha! Diane! I’m so glad you liked the boy. It’s a tragedy about his legs being put on backwards and all. I hope the fun of eating the Roller Coaster Casserole can help make up for that!

    • Haha not only am I familiar with goo-losh, Art — I used to cook it all the time for my kids. In fact, one day my 32 year old son said, remember when you used to cook all those good meals like goo-losh! Oh surprises of parenthood!

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