Gregory’s Bible Stories: The Forbidden Fruit Fiasco Fallout

Welcome Dear Readers to this week’s edition of Gregory’s Bible Stories. Today in Sunday school Gregory learned about what happened when God found out about the forbidden fruit fiasco.

Gregory's Bible StoriesThe Forbidden Fruit Fiasco Fallout

After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they heard the Lord God walking in the garden.  (You could always hear the Lord God coming a mile away as He loved slapping His flip-flops.)

Adam and Eve weren’t wearing clothes because the fig-leaf outfits they sewed to cover themselves in Genesis 3:7  were way too scratchy. They tried selling them at a yard sale, but nobody came by except for the snake. He didn’t buy anything though as they didn’t have any tube tops.

When Adam and Eve heard God calling to them, they hid behind some trees. Then they looked around and saw a bear sleeping behind them.  They hoped God wouldn’t look over as the last thing Adam and Eve wanted was for God to see them with a bear behind.

Biblical Scholars believe their conversation with God might have — but probably didn’t — go something like this:

God:  Where are you, Adam?

Adam:  I’m hiding behind this tree because I’m naked.

God:  Why?

Adam:  Uh . . . the dry cleaners lost my Bermuda shorts?

God: No, I mean  why do you know you’re naked?

Adam:  Uh . . . is this a trick question?

Eve:  Let me handle this, Adam.  Hi God.  Remember me?  I’m that rib you–oh gosh! Those flip-flops look really great on you, by the way.

God:  You really think so?  I love the sound they make when I walk.

Eve:  I noticed. Listen, Lord, remember that tree you put smack dab in the middle of the garden that has forbidden cupcake fruit growing on it that you told us never to eat not even for dessert?

God:  Yes?

Eve:  Well the Snake tricked us into eating it.

God:  How?

Eve:  He said the fruit would make us wise-; plus it had cream filling. And you know how Adam can’t resist cream filling!

God:  What?  That’s the oldest trick in the book!

Eve:  Uh . . yeah . . .  we know that now.

God: Where’s the Snake?

Snake:  You rang?

God:  Okay, Snake, I’m gong to punish you.  From now on you will have to crawl on your belly and eat dust.

Snake:  Wait a minute, I’m already doing that.  You mean all this time I could have been walking around eating forbidden cream-filled cupcake fruit instead of crawling on my belly in this stupid tube top?

God:  And, Eve, I’m punishing you too. When you have a baby it’s going to hurt like gangbusters.

Eve:  What’s a baby?

God:  And you, Adam, you listened to your wife and ate the forbidden cupcake fruit  from tree of knowledge.  What were you thinking?

Adam: I was thinking . . .  mm . . . cupcakes.

God:  Sorry, Adam, but I’m going to have to kick you out of the Garden of Eden. I give you one rule and you break it.

Adam:  Ah, come on God.  How about two out of three?

God:   No Adam.  Now get out and take that bear behind with you!

Adam and Eve exiting the garden of Eden

And that’s what Gregory learned in Sunday School today, Dear Readers.  Please stop by next week at this same time to see what happens when Adam and Eve move to the country.

Until next time . . . I love you

Adam and Eve with a bear behind

9 thoughts on “Gregory’s Bible Stories: The Forbidden Fruit Fiasco Fallout

  1. Receiving your spiritual upliftment each week sets out the week for me Linda. It also reminded me of the snake issue in my area, last week a two metre red belly black snake was caught, biggest one I’ve ever seen of that sort, by its age it was probably in the Garden of Eden anyway. I did laugh at the thought of God in ‘flip flops’ we down under folk call them ‘thongs’, which I know in your world is the name for another sort of necessary attire.
    Have a good week Linda, its a warm day in paradise but I will manage.

    • Yikes! I looked up the red-bellied black snake. Now that’s a beautiful but creepy snake. He would have been perfectly cast as the Garden of Eden Snake! You Aussies sure are brave to live side by side with the world’s deadliest snakes. I’m getting the heebie jeebies just writing this comment! Do you come across many snakes in your area? We’re lucky here, we only have rattlers and tarantulas. But the tarantulas are actually kind of cute.

      • There was a brown snake in the yard about two years ago, first one I’d ever seen in my yard. They are about, I have a creek behind my house and I know they live down there but they keep to themselves as do I. Enjoy your week Linda.

  2. that wacky God! Doesn’t he realize the fashionable shoe of the time was the quieter albeit dorkier Birkenstocks? Perhaps he invents them after the angles complain about the annoying smacking sound his flip flops make. In fact, that’s probably why he banishes Satan from heaven. He couldn’t handle all that thwacking.

    • Lol! What a funny idea. Satan getting himself banned from Heaven. He could do all these horrible things but God is too nice to kick him out. (Putting tacks on God’s throne etc.) HA!

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