Entertaining Attila

Melissa Miranda Malinda MacNella

Went to the store to find her a fella

Came home with a guy whose name was Attila

(Someone had beat her to Nelson Mandela)


At first he was fun (he was such a dear Hun)

Til he started reciting the battles he’d won

And the heads he beheaded (it was over a ton)

And the peasants he’d spared (of which there were none)


What’s Melissa to do with a guy such as he?

An infamous killer from 453

Well the answer it came to her clear as can be

She gave him some popcorn and turned on TV

Atilla the Hun

Oh the violence he saw there was creepy and chilling

He couldn’t believe all the torture and killing

Rivers of blood by the buckets was spilling

 Attila found watching cartoons quite fulfilling


Horribly Art: Attila the Hun 


11 thoughts on “Entertaining Attila

  1. It is an interesting thought isn’t it as to what people like Attila might think of the modern world. I am sure as you say he would be horrified but recent events. Hope you manage to find something uplifting on your TV Linda or just put a music channel on….

  2. Hmm…. I’m not entirely sure just what to think of you turning to poetry, my dear…. it could weaken the bonds of reality, or shake the foundations of space and time…. but, what the hell? What’s a bit of time-travel anomaly to friends, eh?

    I enjoyed this little foray into historical perspective, but, must admit, I had hoped Gregory would have gone back to Sunday School this week…. with an automatic weapon!….

    Lovely, as always, milady…. Ta then…

    Ned, aka, gigoid, the dubious….


    • Ha! Well, Gregory doesn’t have access to an automatic weapon as his parents are a little on the strict side. (They also limit his time on the technology.) But I cooked up another Bible story just for you today, Ned. I’m a little late with it as I went to see the Blue Angels yesterday in SF and, of course, Gregory insisted on tagging along! Have a great week! 😀

      • I’ll try to get by to see today’s story… I usually get an email when you post, so, I’ll see it… Hmph! I was under a mistaken impression, thinking you lived elsewhere on the continent; in sooth, we live within a stone’s throw of each other, if you’re going to SF for shows… and, it doesn’t surprise me Gregory would be the type to not realize three’s a crowd… he probably doesn’t count that high on Mondays….


        See ya, and nice rhyming, btw….



  3. Poor Emily Dickinson, she’s turnin’ green
    ee cummings just ate out his heart (and his spleen)
    Robert Frostbite, poor sap, he needs envy relief
    Ogden Nash is so jealous, he’s g-nashin’ his teeth!

    Not surprising, dear Linda, since you have penned the Best Poem In History, and thereby eclipsed all of those pretenders and poet wannabees!! Exquisite!! Like the Popcorn Lady, I’m floatin’ on air– and I love how Attila is playin’ paddleball with those spike thingies that ancient homicidal maniacs always carry around with ’em!! : )

    • LOL! I always wondered why they called they called ee cummings, ee. It was short for Spleen! So glad you liked my little Attila poem, Mark!! Now I’m walking on air! 😀

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