Linda’s Video Writing Tips #5

Welcome to Saturday, Dear Readers.  Today I have a writing tip for you!  This one is entitled:

Thinking Outside the Box


It’s just as well Rodney Dangerfield’s Dead

Have a great weekend!


Until next time . . . I love you

4 thoughts on “Linda’s Video Writing Tips #5

  1. You certainly nailed that one. I didn’t see the punch coming and got knocked into the bushes, next to the drainpipe.

    Personally – not a criticism – I feel the opening sequence when you walk in through the doorway needs work.

    I suggest that – as you swing in to view, you appear to be dropping something apparently blood-soaked and mammalian, yet forever unclear to the viewer despite repeated replays.

    It would work. If it doesn’t and PETA get hold of you, I shall offer you all the help I can from 5000 miles away.

    • Hm . . . I’m intrigued . . . I could just say ‘it’ was something the cat dragged in. But it would be more believable if I actually had a cat. You wouldn’t happen to have a cat I could borrow would you?

  2. I’m so glad you weren’t alarmed that I was standing in the bedroom staring at the doorway until you walked in.

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