The Drawing Lady Teaches Us How to Draw Medieval People

Hello Dear Readers!  Have I got a wonderful surprise for you today! Everybody’s favorite tortured art teacher,  The Drawing Lady, has agreed to stop by the blog.  Isn’t it wonderful?  I know!  

But please remember, Dear Readers, that because The Drawing Lady is a tortured art teacher, we must be very careful not to upset her by asking too many questio—-Oh shhh . . . here she comes now.

The Drawing Lady Copyright Linda Vernon Humor
The Drawing Lady, everybody’s favorite tortured art teacher

Dear Readers, today The Drawing Lady will be teaching us how to draw Medieval people. Perhaps you are asking why Medieval people, Drawing Lady? Why not Roman People? Or  Egyptian  people? or Viking People?

Linda Vernon Humor, the Drawing Lady

Dear Readers!  Are you deliberately trying to upset The Drawing Lady by asking these questions when The Drawing Lady has only recently recovered from her hysterical plunge out her drawing school window, breaking every bone in her body?

The Drawing Lady would simply like you to draw this Medieval person  to the best of your abilities:

Linda Vernon Humor, the Drawing Lady Medieval People

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Linda Vernon Humor Drawing Lady Medieval People

Is this right Drawing Lady?  Do you think her eyes are expressive enough, Drawing Lady? Do you want us to erase it, Drawing Lady?

Dear Readers!  The Drawing Lady is beating her head with her fists.  The Drawing Lady says that after all the lessons she has given you, you are still horrible artists.

The Drawing Lady would like you to try drawing the Medieval couple below and for crying out loud  try putting a little more umph into it:

Linda Vernon Humor the drawing lady Medieval People

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Medieval People Linda Vernon Humor

Like this Drawing Lady? Do you think it has enough umph, Drawing Lady?Drawing Lady?  Drawing Lady does this make your heart sing, Drawing Lady?

Dear Readers, the Drawing Lady has curled up into a fetal position and is rocking back and forth.  The Drawing Lady is giving you one last chance to get it right by drawing this Medieval man with a tortured soul:

The Drawing Lady teaches us to draw medieval people

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Linda Vernon Humor, The Drawing Lady Medieval People

Is this right Drawing Lady?  Did we get the tortured soul part right, Drawing Lady?  Drawing Lady why are you opening the window, Drawing Lady?  Why are you  climbing out onto the ledge Drawing Lady?  Drawing Lady? . . . Drawing Lady? . . .

Dear Readers, I regret to inform you that The Drawing Lady has gone stalk-raving mad and jumped out of the window again.

This concludes our drawing lesson for today.

Linda Verno Humor, The Drawing Lady draws Medieval People

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

23 thoughts on “The Drawing Lady Teaches Us How to Draw Medieval People

      • Agreed. For me, it’s hard to know if back then, was it:
        1. That people were all hideous with flat faces?
        2. That artists were just awful at creating dimension?

        • I wonder. All the middle age art depicting warfare is very cartoon like. Their heads were always too big, and the children looked like adults with small bodies. That’s my opinion! And I am the expert when it comes to crappy art as you know, Erin!

  1. Personally, I thought the tortured soul was a very good likeness of Johnny Depp. Poor Drawing Lady. She could get with Little Gregory and work on children’s bible stories.

    • Oh that’s a really good idea Russell, I think those two could use a project to keep them out of mischief! And he looks exactly like Johnny Depp. Maybe it’s his great great grandpappy! 😀

  2. Maybe Drawing Lady would get a better response from her class, if instead of medieaval people, she brought in models of medieval torture devices.

    Working models….

  3. I love how your second drawing morphed from an oddly-matched couple of co-conspirators to an overbearing bald man and his frightened… um… companion.

  4. Perfectly captures the medieval couple as the man consoles the lady who whose guinea pig exhales its last dying breath as it passes away in her hand.

  5. LOL!!!!!!! OMG!! I just almost fell off my chair!! The drawings from the class are priceless! They never fail to crack me up. Doesn’t the medieval tortured soul look like Johnny Depp? Hahahahah!
    The woman in the medieval couple is worth printing and hanging on my refrigerator. Every time I go to eat, I’ll see that and laugh so hard that I’ll get a core workout instead! Perfect!

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