Poetry Barn: An Ode to My Annoying Brain, Peanuts

Well my brain, Peanuts, was really annoying this morning. (Peanuts being the nickname my brain insisted on giving itself.)  Peanuts sometimes runs amok and when that happens, all I can do is stand by and watch helplessly.

This morning Peanuts was writing fast and furiously!  Peanuts was so pleased about what was materializing on the computer screen that Peanuts was feeling confident to the point of being cocky.  This is a dangerous state of mind.  Last time Peanuts got like this it cost me and Peanuts $300.

That’s because Peanuts said we could  go 59 when the speed limit was 35.  Peanuts rationalized this decision by explaining that Peanuts didn’t see no cops so there ain’t no cops. Sometimes Peanuts insists on talking with a cheesey, fakey made up dialect. (I always have to roll my eyes.)

Anyway, sure enough  Peanuts spent all morning typing up a post that Peanuts had to stop and laugh at every five minutes.  It was really kind of nauseating how cute Peanuts thought it was being.

So it really served Peanuts right when Peanuts went to hit SAVE DRAFT and the little donut started spinning and spinning and spinning and then the Wordpress screen disappeared altogether!  Peanuts panicked and flailed around clicking buttons and icons like a regular banshee but to no avail.  The post was gone entirely.

I took it rather well, but Peanuts threw a big, huge, hissy fit by pounding fists on  the desk, and shouting the F word, then shouting the S word and then went back to shouting the F word.

Of course, this display of immaturity didn’t do Peanuts one bit of good.  I told Peanuts that in so many words, but Peanuts wasn’t listening.

So instead of posting the hilarious post that Peanuts lost us thanks to cockiness, Peanuts and I will rerun this poem entitled Ode to Peanuts.  It’s really called Ode to the Brain, but Peanuts thinks it’s about Peanuts so we’ll just let Peanuts keep on thinking that:

ODE TO My Brain Peanuts

Oh little brain

We love you so

For thinking up

The things we know

From your hemispheres

To your thalamuses

You know the times of all the buses

Your skull cap’s skewed so jauntily

You’ve hit a spinal chord with me!

And furthermore, let’s be quite placid

Because of your amino acid,

You do not sail this synapse sea

As hairy as a chimpanzee

That ought to shut Peanuts up for a while!

Until next time . . . I love you

19 thoughts on “Poetry Barn: An Ode to My Annoying Brain, Peanuts

  1. Perhaps you should tell Peanuts to write posts in Microsoft Word first before moving to WordPress lol. Actually, that’s happened to me on occasion. At that point, I close the laptop and declare that it’s margarita time.

    • Would that I had some margaritas at the ready. I would have definitely done a little day drinking! I should do them in Word first. I don’t really have any record of them anywhere except online. Which is kind of dumb now that Peanuts thinks about it.

  2. It must be a spring thing… only time I have ever had a speeding ticket was in the spring, feeling cocky and going too fast… don’t see no cops so there ain’t no cops kind of thang. (btw I love that expression and will use it regularly now, thanks.) when, blam-o a cop van with a camera snaps our picture.
    Also, I love the poem. It is so much better than what I can write, but what I would aspire to write poetry-wise if so moved.

    • Ha ha! Well I just got done reading your post about the VBA and I’m sure if so moved, this type of poetry would fit well within your abilities! 😀 Oh and glad you liked the expression. I’m just glad I’ve got my brain, Peanuts to blame it on! Ha!

  3. Some call it the “spinning donut,” I like to call it, “The wheel of death.” Let’s face it, donuts have a positive connotation, where as death…well, need I say more? I have to give Peanuts credit for not throwing the keyboard out the window. Peanuts only dropped the F and S bomb. I think it showed a lot of restraint. : )

    • Hahaha. Well I would . . .I mean Peanuts would have thrown it out the window, but that pesky screen gets in the way of making it an all out dramatic moment. If they ever make a movie about my life story, I’ll definitely claim I threw my keyboard and my computer out the window! I just hope Madonna doesn’t direct it.

  4. HI,
    I know what it is like to lose a post like that, that stupid donut does decide things for itself every now and then, usually on a post you have done a bit of work on, never happens with a short post. 😀

    I always do researched posts in word, then when I want to post it I transfere this to the standard notepad to get rid of any bad coding (just in case) and then copy and paste into a post. If the draft is saved great, if it is not I still have a copy. 😀
    I love your poem well done.

    • Oh really? Thank you so much for the tip! I will definitey start doing that! And you are right, it only happens on the long complicated posts with lots O’d pics, etc . . .

      Glad you liked the poem! 🙂

  5. oh my gosh!!! BBFF!! no no no no no… I have lost comments – and i have lost half finished thoughts that I did on Word on other computers that pooped out on me with all my thoughts and ideas inside but I have never…. omg.. that really HAPPENS?? and it happened to you? ((((((hugs))))))) I love you I’m so sorry… I have a present for you if it helps…..after thinking much on the Mean Streak name for you…(remember I had a GROUP of brain cells working on it…cause you are worth it!! ) so you could vent creatively too… although I have to say …I think you do quite well without naming it.. in fact.. you don;t NEED the name to vent creatively… I came up with…(it might be lame but really I want to make you smile….).
    Roast in a Nutshell..the darker side of Peanuts…. Love you (and peanuts too!)

    • Hahahahahahahaha! LOVE IT SO MUCH BBFF! Roast in a nutshell the darker side of Peanuts is absolutely perfect!! I can’t wait to do my first post. . .this is gunna be so much fun! Yay, Thank you so much darling cyber daughter! you’re the sweetest bbff cd a mom ever had!! 😉 (((((((hugs)))))))

  6. Peanuts can be oh so feisty! I think I inherited something similar to your brain although as of yet “shall remain nameless” is what it calls itself. Shall remain nameless really loves your poem. It also wants to write something clever in this comment box but feels about as cleaver as peanut butter.

  7. Circus Peanuts.. thats it.. yes I like that better… I’m sure it will come out of its shell.. it;s cracked..the shell.. in a good way… can come out the crack like… um… i’m going

  8. The anatomical drawings were excellent.

    You’ve had a rough morning. Why not cheer yourself up? If you’ll turn to page 37 of your new Pottery Barn catalogue, you’ll see they’re offering the cutest little Peanuts Dish at 30% off, limited time only. You’ll find it under Cranial Crockery. You’re welcome. : )

    • Cranial Crockery hahahahahahaha! You just wait, Pottery Barn will see this comment and sure enough, we’ll be seeing a whole line of cranial crockery in the very next catalog, and it will probably be made out of recycle peanut shells — if I know my Pottery Barn! Ha ha!

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