The Day Frieda Flerf Got Lost In A Bag of Skittles

The Day Frieda Flerf Got Lost in a Bag of Skittles

While eating Skittles, Frieda Flerf suddenly found herself inside the bag hopelessly pinned between a red one and a yellow one. As she began gnawing her way to freedom she heard Mama calling, “Frieda!”

–The Weekend Trifextra Writing Challenge, Week 8: Write a story in exactly 33 words. The word “lost” must be in the title but not in the 33 words!

Frieda if you can hear me wiggle a yellow.

Until next time . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “The Day Frieda Flerf Got Lost In A Bag of Skittles

  1. Eagerly awaiting part two!
    I can;t predict if frieda will be freed or if the evil skittles will doom her mother to the same fate!

    Great entry too!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Trifecta this weekend. I love your whimsical responses. Always a little trippy, never disappointing. Fantastic. So glad you joined up. Hope to see you back on Monday. If you have an idea for a “juicy” followup, email us and let us know.

    • Listen Mcgiggles, you dont’ have anything to complain about until you’ve walked a mile in my hair. It makes Vasoline look like powdered milk.

      (And it’s comments like these that make me have to think of the opposite of Vaseline . . . and at 8 am in the morning no less . . . why do I do this to myself, Marky? Why?)

        • To tell you the honest to god truth and you’ll have to trust me on this, Twinkletoes, I have never, in my entire life made up a single. . . hey lookee out the window . . . is that . . . yes it is! It’s a pelican!

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