My Brain, Peanuts, Notices Some Little Things

Hello Dear Readers and welcome!  Before we go kicking and screaming (in a good way) into the weekend, I thought it would be fun to share with you some random things that crossed the path of my brain, Peanuts.

  You want me to throw what in where?


Someone stuck a sign on the trash can outside my grocery store directing passersby to only throw “trash” into it.

Apparently so many people have been throwing stuff in there that’s not trash, the grocery store employees were unable to get any work done so they had to make a sign for the trash can that says “Trash.”

Well who can blame them?  They are probably sick and tired of people throwing away bag after bag of perfectly good cash or bag after bag of perfectly good puppies or bag after bag of perfectly good babies.

These people have work to do people!

And their job descriptions do not include fishing large amounts of cash and/or puppies or the occasional baby out of the trash all the live-long day!  Do you mind?

 Now that’s the attitood I like to sea!

Here’s a nice little sign I saw while waiting in line at Fresh Choice. As you can see, they offer salads to go Mon – Fry only.  You’ll also notice they are offering their customers a special as well, but they are being kind of crabby about it.  The sign tells us it’s $4.99 Salad Bar Only but it sort of feels like what they really wanted to say was $4.99 Salad Bar Only You Stupid Idiot.

Here’s bit of wonderful news from junk mail:

Now that’s a handy piece of news from the National Association for Continence!  I am totally amazed that two out of three people with bladder control symptoms (and what symptoms are those? . . .  well, we can guess can’t we?)  don’t do ANYTHING about it — which means . . . well, let’s not think about.

I am more amazed, however, that there is actually someone walking around right this very minute with a business card that reads:

National Association for Continence, Managing Director

Which proves, once again, Dear Readers, that it’s the little things that make life worth living! Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “My Brain, Peanuts, Notices Some Little Things

  1. I guess that explains why 2 out of every 3 people you see at Walmart have those ugly stains running down the inside of their leg.

    I can understand about the signs, though. We had to put one above the urinal at work explaining how to grasp the handle and flush. Evidently it was too complicated for some people.

    • Ahaa! Oh so that was you who kept staring at me while I was shopping at Walmart the other day! HA! I knew it!

      Well hopefully your co-workers will obey signs. There’s a store close by my house that used to have signs on the back of the stall doors that gave instructions on how to go to the bathroom — there were about ten steps to it. I know I’m a grown up, but I just couldn’t help myself and I got out my pen and wrote. “Gee thanks I’ve never used the bathroom before” Well next time I went into that stall, I saw that other people had written smarty remarks on the sign too! YAY! The next time I went there, the sign was gone and there was nothing there but some paper that had got stuck to the door when they removed the sign. So I took out my pen and wrote: “Gee thanks, I’ve never gone to the bathroom before.”

  2. I didn’t know the salad bar offer was at the salad bar ONLY. I was queuing up at the shoe repair counter and he gave me the queerest look when I asked for a chicken ceasar with no croutons

  3. maybe it was the staff at the grocery store being thrown into the trash bins, on fry days? the grocery store needed their staff, so it became a trash only bin. the staff needed that express salad to go at lunch but being in the trash made them lose their appetite and bladder control. I’m just sayin…

  4. Hi Linda,
    First of all, the fried salad is delicious. I’d gotten so tired of those healthy, raw veggies salads. Get the one that’s fried in lard for a special treat.
    As for the fact that two out of three people who have incontinence are not treating it, well that finally explains the smell coming from the older shoppers at Walmart.
    And I’m sorry they put that sign on the trash bin. Now I’ll have to start paying for my food!
    Funny stuff. You have a great sense of humor. Do you keep it in a humidor?
    Thanks for the laughs. Ron

    • Ahahaha!! Ron! Well I’m ordering all my salads deep fried from no on. How can a person go wrong? They’d still be veggies after all! Sorry you won’t be able to snack from that trash can. (I’ll tell you what. I’ll distract them while you run over and grab some lunch!) And as for Walmart. They should move the Depends to the front of the store. Or maybe just as you come in the front door. They could take the stuffed animals out of the “claw machine” and put Depends in there. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch!

  5. 2 out if 3 people apparently wear Depends (or the brand Triumph if they are really feeling snazzy) according to the National Adult Diaper Leauge of People.

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