33-Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: Shades of Clayton

Welcome Dear Readers!  This weekend’s 33-word Trifecta Writing Challenge is as follows:  Give us a thirty-three word piece that has a color in it. Use the color to describe anything you like, or use anything you like to describe your color, but keep it creative and keep it short. 

I chose this colorful picture of my grandson, Clayton, to write about today.


Shades of Clayton

Propeller’s blue, steering’s green

With shades of Mickey in-between

Here’s a fellow, who likes yellow

A mellow little yellow fellow

But his pants this poem will sabotage

Cause there ain’t no color camouflage

56 thoughts on “33-Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: Shades of Clayton

    • So glad you liked it honey. I picked it because of the colors he was wearing, but the hat and the kitty in the background gave it some added dimension. It seems like it was taken about 9 months ago. He was still little enough to fit on that airplane. It was around the time he made that airplane his favorite toy again. Could it have been a year ago? No!!! Time is going too fast.

    • It is hilarious! Currently he’s into wearing t-shirts that are way too small and he usually has his jeans on backwards when I go over there. Nikki says he likes to wear them that way. Well at least he’s dressing himself.

  1. Black cat looking out the window
    Black hat on thick bricks, below
    Black tail pointing down, cat wears a frown
    Black birds on the lawn
    Black cat frowns, so close, yet so far

      • I wasn’t sure whether I felt up to the challenge or not, but then I noticed the upper left of the photo and got a bit of inspiration. I just happened to come back to my computer now and MS Word was still open, so I noticed I used “frown” twice–hence, the rewrite.

        I love Martin Scorsese’ American Express commercial. (Not to different from me when it comes to rewriting stuff.)

        • OMG! Thank you so much for sending this clip!! LOL! This commercial is nothing short of a masterpiece. I think there’s a little Martin Scorsese’ in all of us writer types. (Good luck with your revision!) HA!

    • That’s exactly what he’s saying, Guap!! You read his lips correctly. You could get a job in the CIA! Your specialty could be surveillance on 3 year old spies. Bwhahah

  2. Black cat looking out the window
    Black hat on thick bricks, below
    Black tail pointing down, feeling low down
    Black birds flown upon the lawn
    So close, yet so far; black cat frowns.

      • Thanks. 😀

        Somehow I had the impression that everyone was supposed to write a 33 word rhyme. These challenges are ones you make for yourself? Not sure I’m understanding this.

        • The Trifecta Challenge works like this:

          Every week there is a prompt word which is always the third definition of a word provided by the editors who run the site. Writers are asked to write between 33 and 333 words in any form they want — using the prompt word in their response. Then the entries are judged by the editors and they pick a first, second and third place and announce them on Fridays.

          On Fridays, the community judged week-end challenge is posted where writers are usually asked for a 33 word response to various challenges which are explained by the editors on Friday. The community links up their entry, then goes back on Sunday night to vote on their favorite entries and then first, second and third places are announced on Monday along with the new 33-333 word challenge. You can write any thing you want in any form you want as a response. You should give it a whirl, Donald!

  3. The camouflage rhyming problem reminds me of a short book I used to own called “There is no rhyme for silver.” Your poem was fun; serious poetry doesn’t resonate with me. I almost groan when its time for the poets in our writing group to read their work.

    • Haha! I hear you Ronnie. And I’ve found that in Writer’s groups there is always one really bad writer who is terribly prolific! Every week the writers try to politely tell them how to improve their writing and they never listen to a word of it! Coming back every single week with more of the same! Lots lots more! HA! 😀

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