Tiger Wooda Shoulda Coulda

First thing this morning  my husband had the Golf Channel blaring.  Of course, even when the golf channel is blaring, it’s not all that loud.  In the world of televised sports, golf  is the least annoying, usually. This morning there were two guys on who were doing a radio show at the same time it was being televised.  I guess because they were on the radio AND TV, they felt they had to talk a little too loud.

And they never utter anything that isn’t directly related to golf.  Their ability to stay on topic is unheard (I wish) of.  This morning they were discussing the new Master’s Video Game that’s coming out.  They were saying how realistic it is and mentioned that the video game includes all the bushes and trees just like they really are so players can really experience what it’s like to really be playing at the real Masters. Apparently their target customers are those who don’t get out much.

Then they cut to Golf  Headline News where the big news of the day is some golfer’s infected toe.  The golfer was wearing a sock , but that didn’t stop them from getting a close up of it.  They zoomed in to where the toe would more than likely be located within the sock and, sure enough, you could see some discoloration on said sock!

Then it was back to our slightly hyped-up hosts where every third word is “Tiger” even though what they were talking about didn’t have anything to do with Tiger — they just can’t help themselves.  From what I’ve observed, these people are trying not to worship Tiger — really they are. It’s like everybody keeps telling them to break-up with Tiger because he’s just not a good guy and they know they should too, but they just can’t bring themselves to actually do it.

They keep thinking they are going to change him and if they just hang in there everything will OK.  Besides, they’ve tried worshiping other golfers, and it just isn’t the same. Sometimes they’ll be strong and say that Tiger hasn’t won a tournament all year, so he’s really getting what he deserves, but then in the next breath they get all worshippy again when they point out that he still managed to make 74 million dollars last year regardless of his sucky-for-him–at-least golf game.  It’s a love-hate relationship with too much love in my opinion.  But then again nobody asked me for my opinion.  Which is why I have a blog.

Until next time . . . I love you