Words in Upheaval

There was a diet video on MSN.com this morning.  I started watching but  had to click out when the diet guru mispronounced especially (expecially) and didn’t (did dent) in the same sentence.  I’m sorry, but I’m not taking any kind of advice from someone young enough to pronounce didn’t as did dent.

The other day Bill and I were watching HGTV where people were hunting for a houses in Europe with “characteristics”.  This couple was determined to not only buy a home with “characteristics”; but also, the village close by had to have “characteristics” as well.  Finally, they managed to find a home with the proper amount of “characteristics”  that was a little over their price range but they “did dent” care because it had “expecially” nice you know whats.

Well at least they didn’t use the annoying word “ginormous” which I hear a lot on TV lately.  And maybe it’s just me, but it seems like people who use the word “ginormous” act like they originated it especially for the current conversation and that  they have plenty more hybrid words where that came from.  Unfortunately most of them ending in “licious”.

The transformation is complete.  The words “your welcome” have been completely replaced by “no problem” or worse “no worries”.  Sigh . . .

I read that topping the list of most annoying words for two years in a row now is “whatever.”  Well, I don’t mind that word so much.  It can be annoying, sure, but it’s also very useful in that it concisely sums up a multitude of  feelings that are impractical to articulate while at the same time dismissing them without further entanglement.  I guess the reason it’s so annoying is because we have yet to come up with a good response to it.

“Green” and “sustainable” are beginning to get on my nerves.  It feels like when something is referred to as sustainable or green, there’s mist of smugness between the lines that says, not only do we care about the earth but we’re doing something about it.

The word “cycling” needs to go away.  What?  You’re going on a bike ride?  Oh . . . your cycling . . . sorry.  And you’re not wearing clothes, you’re wearing  cycling gear. Oh I get it.   Because if you were to cycle wearing regular clothes you couldn’t go in the car lanes and pretend like you can go as fast as a car.  (Insert year’s most annoying word here.)

Until next time . . . I love you

2 thoughts on “Words in Upheaval

  1. Wow you are so right! I never thought of it that way but really in all respect to Will Farrell in Elf (which is the first time I really ever heard the word ginormous) it’s kind of silly. I didn’t really think too much of it at the time, but thinking back, he was, in that exact sentence, referring to a toilet. He thought the toilet was ginormous. Which makes it even more ridiculous and yet I still laughed out loud!
    I also don’t mind the word whatever. You nailed the description right on the head, there is no real response to it and yet it perfectly describes how you can feel or not feel about something. I like it actually. And I like seriously, silly but true. I think I kind of love those two words actually.
    Anyway now that I’ve listed words I love instead of hate I think I’ll stop rambling.

  2. My neighbor needed to borrow my cell phone this weekend and when she said “thank you” I found myself saying “no problem!” I di-dent realize how much I too am influenced by the many annoying fake words and mispronunciations that are out there. I think we are creating our own language. I’m sure if Shakespeare heard how language is spoken today he’d dig thyself a grave and perish at once.

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