Pottery Barn

I’ve never bought anything from the Pottery Barn but somehow I get their catalogs in the mail anyway.   Here are some of the Pottery Barn offerings:

Bowl of rolls
Twenty Bucks for the tongs and Forty bucks for the bowl. But it's sustainable!

At first glance this blackboard seems to be trying a little too hard, decoratively speaking.  However, when you study it for a minute you will be much more impressed.  You see, this is a blackboard that is actually a huge wine shopping list and attached to it are metal bottle holders to hold the bottles of wine that correspond to the list on the blackboard. Pottery Barn calls this the Wine Tasting Library.  As you can see, someone has  polished  scratched off several bottles in no particular order.  Genius!  Your hunt for the perfect gift for that near-sighted wino in your life?  Solved! It doesn’t say how much it costs.  Who cares!  Live! Love! Swill!

Oh, and notice on the table that Pottery Barn already has those roll bowl sustainable trees started. That Pottery Barn always thinkin’ ahead!!

Pottery Barn's stylishly messy storage solutions.

See that bookcase that’s holding up all the books that are turned the wrong way so you can’t read any of the titles?  It costs $2,199. The description in the catalog insists it’s well worth it because “it stands more than 6 feet high” (much better than that short, fat and bald bookcase you’ve got now) and “it has a natural weathered finish that accentuates each whorl and knot” (providing you don’t cover them up by storing stuff in it) and “the bookcase’s four fixed shelves are generously sized to hold everything from books to baskets” (baskets full of nonsense, lies and exaggerations, that is).

Until next time . . . I love you