Pottery Barn Presents: (part 2)

If you feel like sneezing just use the hanky pinned to this bulletin board

Leave it to PB to come up with this idea.  You see, this isn’t just your ordinary bulletin board that you could buy at, say, anywhere for $15. 

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! (For more no’s see page 378)

Apparently PB has to tell us everything . . . sigh . . .  For this is not –as first suggested– an ordinary bulletin board but rather PB informs us is, in fact, a:


You see, Pottery Barn has cunningly pasted some tan material . . . oops what am I saying?  I mean “stone colored linen” to whisk away the harsh, bourgeois-look of the K-Mart y corkboard from the style-sensitive eyes of the discerning PB Customer and/or Catalog Browseree.   

Just in case you’re not impressed enough already, PB tells us very clearly ( practically in baby talk really) just exactly how this LARGE LINEN PINBOARD will make our lives more worth living by going on to say this:

“Stone-colored linen provides a generous neutral backdrop for displaying photos and notes.”

And since PB is already feeling generous, they also want us to know that they are throwing in 20 metal pushpins.  Yes, you read that correctly.

20!    Metal!   Pushpins!    Come with!

And the price tag for aaaaallllllllll this? (to see the word “all” stretched out to even more  ridiculous proportions see page 379) they are only asking  . . .

$149 lousy little dollars.   Mm-hmm . . . that’s right! Only $7.45 per pushpin. 

Which really isn’t that much when you think about what you’re not getting.


PB wants us to please be advised that we can only purchase the LARGE LINEN PINBOARD by ordering it online or through the catalog so that PB won’t be so ashamed of itself were someone to actually pay $149 for a $15 bulletin board in person.  It just gets awkward, that’s all.

Until next time . . . I love you

5 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Presents: (part 2)

  1. Roll Bowls, Gary Bussey, Comfort Coup, Frippery, Weatherians, PB&J, Browseree, Asteroid, Cubbie. I’ve decided to string together your hilaraspeak Linda to recall each delicious blogasode.
    PS. I need that Hankey I am laughing so hard

  2. A generous neutral backdrop!? As opposed to an ungenerous clashing backdrop? I honestly feel so sorry for people who have enough money to waste on Pottery Barn crap. At the same time, they deserve it.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go to PB to buy myself a cubby compartment for $99,995

  3. This reminds me – last week I was reading a magazine called “The Nest.” They were selling a frame with wires on it to hang your necklaces from… for $75. I came up with the same idea 3 years ago and did it for $25. People will pay so much for something that looks generic and poorly homemade.

    • HA! Well yours sounds like a much better deal! Your right that people will pay so much for something that looks generic and poorly homemade — especially if it’s . . . wait for it . . . imported!

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