The Weird September Swimming Vibe

lonely looking swimming pool

There’s something slightly sad about swimming in a pool once school begins.

When all the kids are back in school and summer is officially over, suddenly the pool isn’t quite as warm and inviting as it was only a few days before when temperatures reached 100 and the pool was chock full of happy peppy people splashing merrily about.

clipart of kids playing in pool

Brushing away a few premature fall leaves you try to pretend that it’s still the height of summer as you do your laps, but somehow you feel about as welcome as a party guest after the host has announced he’s going to bed.

The row of empty lounge chairs that accommodated beach towels and babies just yesterday now take on a deserted and haunted look. Like they are waiting for ghost revelers from the summer of 1912 to return.

deserted row of lounge chairs

The trees that last week seemed happy to rustle their leaves in time to shouts and splashes now sit serious and business-like. The fun is over they scowl. They have leaves to lose and want to know why you are still splashing around in the water at this late date. “Don’t you have a home to go to?”

Of course, a person can have the pool to oneself once school starts which is a plus.  But swimming  never feels the same once the  weird September Swimming Vibes sets in.
Until next time . . . I love you

One thought on “The Weird September Swimming Vibe

  1. The picture of the lone beach chairs made me laugh out loud! It is especially depressing when summer is over and it never reached higher than 75 degrees out (with temperatures staying in the 60’s most of the summer). I wish I could take on last summer swim with you!

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