Facebook: One Update Away From Boring Each Other To Death

I check Facebook occasionally just to see if one of my friends got married or is in jail or got married in jail.

 But now that I have access to everyone I’ve ever known in my entire life  — real or imaged — via Facebook; I’m just not that big on communicating.

It’s not that I don’t love my friends, but now that I can finally contact anybody in the world anytime I want for free, the thrill is gone.

It’s like when you have a few extra dollars laying around (like maybe you robbed a 7-11 or something)

And you think, well, I should buy something with this money since I already paid the electricity bill. So you decide to go shopping for a new outfit. But unfortunately, every single thing in every single store is gut-wrenchingly hideous.  And then when you DON’T have any money, everything is SUPER DUPER  TERRIFIC!

The same is true about communicating with one’s friends on Facebook for free.

Back in the day when I was cooped up at home with  three little kids under foot, my greatest joy in the world was to chat for hours to my best friend in another state, long distance to the tune of $.17 a minute.

Oh how the hours flew by! Never at a loss for words was I!

Lady wearing curlers talking on old-fashioned phone
"What's that? You want to read me War and Peace? Sure, I've got time!"

Then Facebook came along making communicating with one’s out-of-state friends totally free.

All we have to do now is sign onto Facebook for 20 seconds and PRESTO! We’re completely updated in the minutest details of our every waking moments from soup to nuts including the soup we ate for lunch and the amount of nuts our husbands are driving us.

Frankly, the thrill is gone.

Conversation was just so much more exciting when it was costing us $.17 a minute.

So let’s make a pact everybody. Let’s put the pizzaz back into conversation, shall we?  Let’s only update our Facebook accounts when something really impressive happens.

Like if one of us gets married (to somebody different from who we are already married to) or if one of us goes to jail, or one of us gets married in jail.

I will if you will.

Until next time . . . I love you

2 thoughts on “Facebook: One Update Away From Boring Each Other To Death

  1. Facebook leaves little to the imagination. I like wondering if any of my friends are in fact in jail (some should be) or if they are gay or are suddenly religious fanatics. With facebook, I can find out the answers to my questions in about 15 seconds while browsing my home page.

    I can also find out a lot more useless information that bores me to even mention. Like how Rob just bought a diet coke at the quickie mart and is having an “ok” day.

  2. HAHA! It should be against the law, by the way, for anybody to answer anything but “great” when they are asked how they are doing. Who wants to know the real answer. Not me!!

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