The “First Haircut” Incident

photo of Grandson getting a haircut
No we are not strapping him into the electric chair, he's getting his first haircut!

First the Good News!

My grandson, Mr. Clayton D. Kaiser, got his first haircut yesterday and everything  came off just as it was supposed to except for one minor incident hardly worth mentioning.  But more about that later.

The Hair Cut 

It only took three of us to hold him down (he being the ticklish type) but we are happy to report that not only does his haircut look fabulous, he also managed to retain both ears in the process — and, except for one slight nick in the back, looks downright dapper!

Even though you can't see them in this picture, his ears are still there . . . I think.

Unfortunately, there was one teensy-weensy complication during the course of “The Haircut” 

It was an incident involving a little dog who happens to belong to the Kaiser Family. A little dog who seems lovable enough outwardly, but who, it turns out,  has the heart and soul of a Radical!

Voted Most Adorable Terrorist Alive!
Apparently, Trudy — left to ponder the meaning of life while all alone in a big back yard — took it upon herself to finally show some initiative and  dig her way to freedom whereupon she began  “terrorizing the neighborhood.” 

That’s the way the landlady described it anyway in an emergency phone call during “the Haircut.”

The landlady wanted us to return to home base immediately and “DO SOMETHING!”

Talk about a Captain Kirk Decision-Making Moment!

A dilemma of epic proportions had presented itself:

Finish the haircut? Or stop mid-cut and rush home to save the neighbors?

In the end, we opted to continue with the haircut — but implored the hairstylist, Christine, to utilize the photon-torpedo scissors and go at it at warp speed!

Take us Home Scotty!

When we returned home, Trudy was back in her proper area, all the neighbors had returned to their living quarters and the Landlady, who lives across the way,  was nowhere to be found.

And although there were no signs of violence or blood or anything like that, god only knows the toll that Trudy inflicted on the psyche of the entire neighborhood.

But hey!  Mr. Clayton D. Kaiser’s hair looks GREAT, so who cares!

Until next time . . . I love you

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3 thoughts on “The “First Haircut” Incident

  1. What DARLING pictures of both Clayton and Trudy! I can only imagine the weird crazy lady who lives across the street from Nikki and Matt and her reaction to TRUDY ON THE LOSE. She probably began screaming and hoarding more trash than usual into her hallway to prepare for months of locking herself indoors.

  2. LOL i love this one!!! How do you do it? You summed it up perfectly without having to resort to namecalling or trash talking (i guess we’ve done enugh of that and gotten it out of our system) I love those pictures! Trudy looks a little like she knows why that picture was being taken. She is still acting a little embarassed! What a ruckus she caused!

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