Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge:

Trifecta’s Weekend Writing Challenge “Write a horror story in 33 words, without the words blood, scream, died, death, knife, gun, or kill. Good luck.”

I see Freddie and I panic.  My thoughts tumble like Keystone Cops in an avalanche.  My palms become monsoons of sweat; my heart pounds Babalu.  Then, when Freddie gets closer, ice cream!

Did you want sprinkles?

16 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge:

  1. Hi,
    Well done, had a good laugh about the ice cream and the sprinkles. 😀
    Great photo of Freddy Krueger, I thought the Nightmare on Elm Street movies were done very well, the special effects were awesome.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Mags Truthfully, I was scared to watch them! Ha! Even the picture on here kind of scares me. And then the premise of them sounds really scary! I’m kind of a horror movie wimp. 🙂

  2. I was wondering how you would work your distinctive brand into this challenge.
    Now I know and even better than I thought it could be.
    Fantastic and hilarious, Linda!

  3. LOL!!! Elm St. movies are so scary! Ice cream with sprinkles is a much better idea than watching them with a bowl of popcorn… 😀

  4. Thanks so much for linking up with Trifecta this week. Hope to see you back on Monday (10 am Eastern) for the new prompt and some exciting news about the changes Trifecta is making to spread the word about our writing community.

  5. Ice cream? I scream? We all scream for ice cream!!

    I keep my fingernails long like that, too, because ice cream can be very hard when you take it outta the freezer, and it helps to have something to slice and dice and cut it up with… : )

    P.S. You deserve an extra scoop for your fiendishly clever word substitution!

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