The 33-Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: Bribing the Muse

The Rule of Three is a writing principle that asserts that, in writing, groups of three have the most impact. This week’s Trifecta challenge is to write 33 words using the Rule of Three somewhere among them.  It is up to you to interpret the rule, just make sure to use exactly 33 words.

Bribing the Muse

Hello muse? Can you come over?

I’m busy.

I’ll feed you.





Ugh.  Besides, I’m at Brain Tomahawk’s blog eating lunch.

Wanna come for dessert then?

What is it?



“How’s that salad, Muse?  What’s that?  You’re not going to stay for dessert?  Why?”

 * * *

Until next time . . . I love you

33 thoughts on “The 33-Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: Bribing the Muse

    • Well you could though. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George sees someone eating a Snickers with a fork and then later Elaine is eating a chocolate chip cookie with a fork. I love that episode! 😀

  1. You can always entice a muse with ambrosia salad. I think I should make some now so that my muse helps me think of funnier comments to post on your blogs.

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