Linda’s Bedtime Stories for Grownup Children #138


Ted Flerk’s Autobiography

“As you know, children, we always observe National Rubber Spatula Day here at Connie’s Kindergarten Cuisine Academy and–” Miss Connie’s announcement was interrupted by a collective moan from the classroom.

And,” Miss Connie continued unfazed, “I therefore will be reading to you from Scraping By — the autobiography of Ted Flerk who you will remember is credited with inventing the rubber spatula.

Miss Connie calmly opened to page one and began reading in a clear, strong voice as several students rushed for the door that Miss Connie had had the presence of mind to bolt.

“The story of how it came to pass that fateful day in Mother’s kitchenette, when I, Ted Flerk, invented mankind’s most important baking utensil, the rubber spatula, is, I suppose, a tedious tale, or, more precisely, a thorough recounting, if you will, of—“

Suddenly a loud boom erupted from the back of the classroom. Miss Connie looked over the top of her reading glasses. Charles was out of his seat.

“If you’re thinking you’re going to bust down that door, Charles, you’ve got another thing coming.” Miss Connie said mildly. ” Now, put down that battering ram and return to your seat immediately!”  Miss Connie continued reading.

” . . . the events leading up to the day I thought of inventing the Rubber Spatula, including what happened while I was physically inventing the rubber spatula, itself,  in addition to a detailed accounting of my life up to that point– “

Suddenly there was a mighty crash and a tinkling of glass. Miss Connie calmly put her finger on her place in the book and looked up. Several girls were helping each other climb through the jagged glass of the broken classroom window. A line of students was quickly forming behind them. Miss Connie chose to ignore the interruption and continued reading.

” . . . and exactly how I, Ted Flerk, was able to scrape every type of bowl known to man leaving no detail undocumented. . . “

At 3:00 sharp, Miss Connie bookmarked her place in the book, turned out the lights of her now empty classroom and went home.


Inventor of the rubber spatula
Ted Flerk, inventor of the rubber spatula and the Author of Scraping By


8 thoughts on “Linda’s Bedtime Stories for Grownup Children #138

  1. I’ve always secretly wondered when you were going to start exploring the world of Greek Tragedy. Oops. I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

    • I like that you secretly wonder. That’s so polite of you. I usually do all my wondering out loud to nobody in particular. I think I’ll give “secret” wondering a try. It seems like it would add some spice to life!

  2. I had forgotten how you find the most interesting topics to write about. Who would have thought to find out who invented the spatula. I’ll bet people far and wide are so grateful that you’ve finally tracked this fact down…. (now go lie down.. you need to rest ) ha! Diane

    • Hi Diane! Yes I think I answered a lot of unasked questions with this one! Hope you have a very wonderful Christmas my friend!

  3. It was very difficult for me to read the concluding paragraphs of this wonderfully demented post, because my eyes filled with helpless tears as a read: “Miss Connie… began reading in a clear, strong voice as several students rushed for the door that Miss Connie had had the presence of mind to bolt.”

    I haven’t cried like that since I went to Al Gore’s birthday party and we all sat around with empty bags of Onyums pulled down over our heads, singing “Let There Be Global Warming On Earth, And Let It Begin With Me.” I give this post 5 rubber spatulas, my dear Linda, and Lord a-mercy, you deserve it!! 🌰😂😂😂

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