The Long Arm of Christmas

May the long arm of Christmas reach your home. Merry Christmas

15 thoughts on “The Long Arm of Christmas

  1. (As Santa’s pirate brother would say) Yo ho ho ! Merrrrrry Chrrristmas ! [I know, old joke – but I’m old, so I’m allowed to do it.]

    • Hi Nick! Have a marvelous Christmas and a happy new year and a fabulous Martin Luther King Day and A super Valentine’s Day and a Happy Birthday (it must be in there somewhere) and a goofy 4th of July (cause it’s always goofy) and a happy Labor and Memorial Day and a groovy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Weeping. Helpless. Yuletide. Tears… 😂😂😂 –which is unusual on March 29th, even here in Nude Hamster, I mean, New Hampshire… One of your very bestest cartoons ever, my dear Linda, and that’s saying sumpin, as Al Gory likes to say after all o’ his’n speeches… 🌰🌰🌰 <= onions 😭😭😭

    "If can't have-um StrongArm, good to have-um LongArm." –old Jungle saying 🙈🙉🙊

    • Dear Nude Hamster Native,
      You, sir, have made my day til next Christmas with your kind, words!! . . . and your ability to make a picture word out of Funyuns is so impressive I can just hear Al munching away while seeing it — with tears of joy rolling down his chubby cheeks!

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