You Gonna Use the Rest of that Synapse?

Hello Dear Readers! It’s Friday again which means it’s time to fish something out of the archives.  Today’s offering is:

The Suspect Synapses
The Suspect Synapses

You Gonna Use the Rest of that Synapse?

I think I’m coming down with a bad case of old age.  I think I might have caught it from my husband, 37.

The two of us are just pathetic in that neither one of us can finish our own sentences anymore – let alone each others sentences like we used to back in the good old days — when we both had a nice selection of connected synapses to work with.

Still, we’re getting pretty good at having entire conversations without ever being able to remember the name of the topic we are talking about.   They usually go something like this:

You know that guy that was in that movie we watched the other night?  What was his name?

Well,  what was the name of the movie?

I don’t remember but that guy was in it that you like.

That I like? Well, what else has he been in?

Oh, he’s been in lots of stuff,  oh you know!  He was in that movie where that guy sunk on that boat.

Oh Titanic?

No!  Not Titanic!

Well what night was it on?

Uh, it was on . . . last week I think.

Oh yeah, I know what movie you’re talking about.  Yeah.  It had that guy I like in it.  I wish I could remember his name.

Oh what was the name of that movie!  It’s on the tip of my tongue.

I don’t know — but I want to buy it. 

Well, it wasn’t that good.

Yes it was.  It’s the best movie that’s guy’s ever been in.

No, he was way better in that other movie he was in.

What movie was that?

Oh I can’t remember the name of it.  You  know the one where his monkey catches on fire.

Oh Titanic?

No! Not Titanic!

Oh wait . . .  yeah!  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know what movie you’re talking about.  Yeah it was really good!  I want to buy that one too!

Well, it wasn’t that good.

Well what do you know, you can’t even remember the name of the movie.

Well, either can you.


This is how most our conversations end now.  With one of us saying, “so”.   Then we’ll wander into the living room and turn on TV.

And if we’re lucky?  There won’t be a movie on with that guy in it.

Until next time . . . I love you

12 thoughts on “You Gonna Use the Rest of that Synapse?

  1. hahahaha! Great post mom. I know enough about you and dad to know this is true. Also, something I’ve noticed all parents do beyond the age of 50 is forget the name of their children. “Nikki…Jim…Clayton..Chauncy…I mean Jackie.”

  2. hahaha! This is every conversation I have lately! Glad I’m not alone! Isn’t it funny that we still manage to communicate – it’s so primitive. We might as well be drawing on cave walls! LOL!

  3. Sing it with me, “Welcome to my world. Forget another thou–um. Forget…Let me try again. Welcome to something or another”

    Never mind.

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