How’s About A Little Murdering?

Welcome Dear Readers!  You’ll have to excuse the way I look (if you could see me).  I’ve been cleaning out the blog.  Vacuuming up all the blogwebs and sorting through my old posts.  

Anyway here’s a little murder story that fell out.  It’s not funny, but I kind of like it anyway.  

Imagining Cottonwood

I awoke last night with memories of Cottonwood dampening my pillow.  And though I lay there awake, I refused to go further down those corridors of thought — one room leading to another and another.  The past is best left unruffled by middle night winds of regret and sorrow.

I looked over at Miles who lay peacefully next to me sleeping his untroubled sleep.  As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I thought I might like to take his pillow, hold it over his face and suffocate him –so he could always stay just as he was forever and ever.

But what was I thinking!  Killing Miles?  And like that?  I almost laughed out loud! I would never kill Miles like that.  Never!  That would be much too good for him.

I allowed my mind to drift to the cottage in Cottonwood; just the cottage. The weeping willow in the front yard, the line of pink roses along the split-rail fence and the sound footsteps made on the crooked path of pebbles that led to the front door.  But then, Victoria started to creep into my mind and I pushed her out and slammed the door.

After that, I allowed myself to imagine the lake at Cottonwood, as I remembered it best, shining in the morning sunlight. How it looked before I knew about Victoria. But I wouldn’t let my mind wander down the path to the water’s edge.  I only stayed to look at it from the safety at the top of the crest.

I fell asleep after that and when I awoke, Miles was gone.  I knew where.  Victoria’s flight was coming in early, and then they were leaving for Cottonwood.  Miles didn’t know I knew. He thinks he got the best of me but he hasn’t. He doesn’t know yet about all the money I took and he doesn’t know about the gun I bought.  And I love to imagine the look on his face when he sees it.


Until next time  . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “How’s About A Little Murdering?

  1. Ooh! I love this! I think it needs a part II so that we can all enjoy Miles getting his comeuppance.

  2. If only she could suprise both Miles AND Victoria. Perhaps part 2 should include the confrontation! Great story mom!

  3. Talk about unexpected!!! Loved this. I also really liked the way she pushed her THOUGHTS of the people out, as if they were physical things like the people themselves. Very nicely done. I will be surprised if you are not in the top 3 this week. 🙂


  4. I just saw Diane’s comment about the word length……….. now I am upset if you cut it and I missed something great. *sigh*

    • Well, luckily I did manage to keep it right at exactly 333 words. But in my explanation I explained the challenge wrong in my introduction. The challenge is between 33 and 333 words and Diane’s was between 33 and 333 words and she thought maybe she did it wrong! But the good news is neither one of us did! Phew! LOl! 😀

    • I don’t know if people consider me placid. I do know that people say I’m quiet. But I’m so glad you got placid out of this story because that’s the feel I was going for! 😀

  5. Haha! You got that right Jannat, he’s not very bright and now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever written a story where the guy outsmarts the girl! It just wouldn’t be as much fun! And I may have to do a second one just so I can spend more time thinking about that cottage! 😀

  6. I like this – she thinks like I do. Ya gotta make them suffer more for screwing with you! While I missed the first bits, I love this piece and want to know what she ends up doing.

  7. I really liked the tone of this piece and the way you let us in on just a little bit more in each stanza.
    This was a departure from the type of piece you usually share on Trifecta. You have a real versatility as a writer and your work shines in any genre.
    Thanks for linking up with us again. We hope to see you back tomorrow for the new prompt.

  8. Cottonwood… it’s a rotten ‘hood… : P

    I finished the post, and was covered with a cold sweat. Then I swear I heard two distant gunshots. That’s when I fainted… : (

    OK, my favorite part was her not giving Miles the pillow treatment, ’cause then he woulda gotten off too, uh, soft… : )

    Great atmosphere, tight little thriller, and good to read that nice compliment you got from Trifecta: Your work shines in any genre.

    Indeed it does, maestro.

  9. I’m just sitting here thinking how lucky I am to have such a supportive friend as you Mark. I’m thinking about how much I enjoy your outlook on life and how you are always so supportive, kind and funny. I consider myself a very lucky person indeed to know you Mark! 😀

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