The TV Guide World of 1967

Drop what you’re doing, Dear Readers, and come and look at what I found!  A TV Guide from 1967!  Let’s turn the pages quickly before it turns to dust!

The Front Cover

Who’s this maniacally happy man?  No it isn’t  Crazy Uncle Wally on a bender.  It’s Crazy Uncle Lawrence Welk on a bender!  And just who is Lawrence Welk?  Well maybe this will answer your question, Dear Readers:

The three faces of maniacally happy Larry Welk!

OK, maybe not.  Suffice it to say Lawrence Welk was an orchestra leader who had his own show back in the 60’s and 70’s who played a mean accordion and who was the apple of every eighty-year-old eye in America.  His show was sponsored by Geritol, an old-age elixir that kept his audience regular as well as alive week after week.

The 1967 TV Guide’s Back Cover

This 1967 ad tells us there are smokers and then there are SMOKERS! Smokers who don’t bother with smoking ordinary length cigarettes because it’s so inefficient!  Why smoke two short, stubby, ugly, unsophisticated cigarettes when you can get the all the carcinogens you need in one long, elegant cigarette thus indicating to the whole world that you are rich, baby, RICH!  Why be caught dead smoking anything else?

Now let’s take a look inside our TV Guide

“Hi!  I’m Barbara Bain from the TV show Mission Impossible striking odd poses in this Batik Dress.  I don’t know what a Batik dress is and I don’t  know why I have to strike poses in it,  but at least I’m getting paid extra . . . I hope!”
“OW! I just broke my ankle . . . happy?”

Here’s an ad featuring somebody you don’t want to mess with:

World famous hairdresser, John Garrison says: “Use any ordinary shampoo on hair color?  Not in my salon!

“If I catch ladies in my salon using ordinary shampoo I will wrap that bottle around their necks and strangle them with it!”

OK . . .shh . . . John . . . calm down.  We are just going to back out the door very quietly with our hands up . . . no need to get excited. . . no harm done . . .

Let’s end on a happier note shall we?  Let’s check out this 1967 cheerful teen who has found a great way to earn 4 cents an hour!

“Hi! I’m a TV Guide young merchant and I’m  a complete tool!”

Well, Dear Reader, that’s all we have time for today because it  looks like our 1967 TV has turned to dust!  Oh well, I needed to vacuum anyway!

Until next time . . . I love you

20 thoughts on “The TV Guide World of 1967

  1. Hey! I sold/delivered TV Guides door to door in I think 1974. Earned enough to buy my very own 10-speed bike. I quit the very second I had enough $ for it.

    • Did you really Rich? Wow! You need to write about that on your blog. I bet there weren’t very many kids who kept it up until they got a 10-speed bike! 😀

  2. I have several vintage issues of Life magazine. My husband and I love sitting down and flipping through it over coffee on the weekends, reading the old ads and stories. On another note – John Garrison’s picture is a tad intense, wouldn’t you say? Agreed that he would be all about strangling someone for not using Clariol.

    • That sounds like the perfect weekend morning Erin. It’s funny because it’s the ads that really tell the story of the times. I found a new thrift store where they have tons of vintage magazines! It’s now my new favorite store! 😀

  3. Weird… I happen to remember that very issue of TV Guide, because of the article by Isaac Asimov… I was a junior in high school at the time, and heavily into science fiction, hence the actual reading of an article in the weekly rag… mostly, that year, I didn’t watch much TV, and wouldn’t have been caught dead watching Larry Welk… thanks for the memories…. 🙂

    • That is weird! And there were lots of TV Guides to choose from but I got the one with the Isaac Asimov article because I thought it might become more of a collectible some day –I don’t know how long I think I’m going to live that I will make money off an old TV Guide LOL! I only hope I live long enough to enjoy Larry Welk. And I was a sophomore in high school at the time and I didn’t watch much TV either and after perusing this copy of the TV Guide I can see why.

  4. Haha! Good old Lawrence Welk! How funny! And the Geritol commercials! I haven’t thought about those in years! The new luxury length Pall Mall cigarettes — nothing says elegance like the new longer length! I can’t decide whether it seems like several life times ago or just the other day that we were “enjoying” all those ads?

    • I think because we didn’t have a lot of other distractions like we do today, all those ads really sunk deeply into our DNA. I remember them like they were yesterday too. And thinking back, smoking was perfectly acceptable everywhere. I watched a Columbo last nite and the nurse was smoking next to a patient! But you know they probably allowed that in those days. I remember people smoking while they were eating. LOL! It seems so funny now! 😀

  5. I seriously can’t stop laughing at the headers you have for these pictures! I think Larry Welk and John Harrison should get together. Together they’d make a human with normal emotions. And that Barbara Bain sure knows how to strike a wacky pose. Nothing zanier than the TV guide!

    • OMG! John Harrison! The way he’s washing that ladies hair! I mean he really does look dangerous, doesn’t he? I would much rather Larry Welk did my hair. I hope Barbara Bain didn’t have to have her hair done by John Harrison. Maybe she broke her ankle on purpose so she could get out of her hair appointment! 😀

  6. My mother loved Lawrence Welk…All the singer on his show were so good looking and wholesome ..Actually this brings back memories..When my Mom spent the last 7 years in a nursing home I would have to make sure and turn his program on every Sunday for her….Diane

  7. That’s nice that your mom enjoyed the show so much and it certainly was wholesome. I did watch it a lot but I can’t really remember who it was in the family who liked it. Oh!! I just remembered I even had the Lennon Sisters paper dolls!! My grandmother got them for me and I really loved them. I think my favorite doll was Cathy. Isn’t that funny how one memory leads to another and another! Hey just like the internet! 😀

  8. When you look back on those old shows now, they were so unfunny! But I always loved I Love Lucy and I still do. I think mostly because it represents a simpler time and some of them actually were funny . . . some . . . 😀

  9. Ow, ow, ow–! My stomach hurts, and it wasn’t because of the shot of Geritol I added to my prune cocktail–!! That caption of yours, having Crazy John threatening to kill anyone caught using ordinary shampoo in his salon, just about did me in. One of your most insane gags ever– and that’s sayin’ something… something really good!!

    P.S. Our whole family watched Lawrence Welk every Sunday. It was some kind of law. I’ve still got a secret crush on Mary Lou Metzger. (Don’t tell anyone.) : P

  10. Mary Lou Metzger! I had to google her to refresh my memory and I do remember her! HA! I can see why you’ve got a crush on her! And I’m glad you got a kick out of John! And that’s the best picture the photographer was able to get of him? I don’t even want to see the ones he threw away! 😀

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