Today is a Very Special Birthday!

Hello everybody and welcome!  Today we are celebrating a very special blogger’s birthday!  Can you guess who that blogger is?

“Hmm . . . in the blogosphere you say?  Can you give us a hint?”

“Ok, she’s cracked but not broken, and she has been known to run with scissors . . . naked”

Hmm. . . running with scissors . . . naked you say?

“Oooooooo!  I like her already!”

“Yeah she’s edgy and she’s cool!”

“Speaking of edgy . .  stop trying to edge me off the stool!”

“What do you mean, you’re taking up all the room!”

“Gosh, I wish I was edgy.”

“Who you?  Forget about it!”

“Hey!  Blogosphere People!  Chill!  I’ll give you another hint.  Dog balls feel funny . . . “

“Dog balls you say?”

“Dog balls!  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh!  I know!  I know!”

“Yes naked baby with your hand up!”

“Dog balls?”

“Hoo boy!  I think I need a mental moment!  Look I’m just going to tell you.  Today is the birthday of a most beloved blogger AND cyberdaughter . . . . . . Lizzie 4/7  

Ok, that’s your cue!  You can let go of those balloons now!”

“Well, I just let go of  something . . . but it wasn’t the balloons!”


Happy Birthday Lizzie!

56 thoughts on “Today is a Very Special Birthday!

    • the needle on the meter is nearly on overemoticate.. you guys – I still have three to go and I can tell you put alot of time and into it ..probably cause the pings are coming in fast and ..ok – just saying once the meter hits the top kids are usually the only ones who do anything and this year and last year is the first year they werent all here…I alwqys chalked it up to the time of the year.. but ..ok later.. I’m off to the next one..

  1. AWESOME! I love the commentary! (And I think I recognize a few of those babies!)

    Much love and happiest of birthday wishes, Lizzie ❤

  2. I love them! Oh look how cute their expressions are my favorie is the naked one..oh oh oh oh…this is just so incredible Thanks Cybe MIOMMMM you are so wonderful and I will be back… ohwait..the word lol.. I know it wasnt what I thought it was …Lizzie? Running Naked With Lizzie? ohhhhh this is getting good and you guys are sneaky hee hee 🙂 MUAH!!! Thank you so much….

  3. WELL, WELL done, Linda V!!!! I think you win the prize for the most comment threads going on at the same time!!! Your idea was brilliant, with all those cuuuuuuute babies and all… Too bad I missed the party over here!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALL DAY LONG, LIZZIE!!!


    • HA! Baby’s are like comment gold! LOL! I think every advertisement could be improved by the use of babies! How’s the weather up there on book-offer Cloud Nine! I bet it’s pretty sweet!

  4. Whew! Good job, Linda… and everybody else I see above who chipped into this…. I told Lizzie happy happy over on her site, but wanted to see what you guys came up with… it’s all quite a grand idea, and kudos to all of youse… and I have to say, from reading these comments… you guys all spend a lot of time at the computer, and I only wish I could sit long enough to take more part in stuff like this…. It’s still fun to read, though, so…. again, good job, and happy happy to Lizzie! 🙂

    • Thanks Ned. It was certainly a lot of fun. El Guapo planned and organized the surprise and we we all chipped in and it all seemed to come off without a hitch. I know what you mean about not being able to sit for long periods of time. That sucks. 37 has a lot of trouble with his back, but he’s going to a chiropractor that is really helping him alot. But I’m glad you can sit long enough to write your blog! 😀

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