The Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge: How It All Ends for Spinkz Maccoy

A while back, the Trifecta Writing Challenge was to write the beginning sentence to an imaginary novel:

So here’s the beginning sentence to my imaginary novel:

The Life and Times of Spinkz Mccoy

Spinkz Mccoy

Used car salesman Spinkz Mccoy figured the key to his success was due to the fact that he was as honest as the day is long on the shortest day of the year.

And here’s this weekend’s challenge — writing the closing line:

“You could even change the name from Brooklyn to Betty Ann,” Spinkz Maccoy suggested as he pocketed $27,000 of Betty Ann Spindlemyer’s money while she gazed out the window at her new purchase.



The Betty Ann Bridge


Until next time . . . I love you

21 thoughts on “The Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge: How It All Ends for Spinkz Maccoy

  1. I must say, I was puzzled until I scrolled down and saw the picture! Well, Spinkz was, indeed, a very good salesman. And this is a very good ending. Well done!

  2. Only the very best of salesmen/women can persuade you to buy one of those and, at one time or another, we have all tried. The renaming was a clever ploy by Spinky!

  3. Betty Ann is one lucky woman. 🙂 I missed out, it was almost called the Marie Nicole Bridge, but I backed away when legal docs to change the name weren’t included in the deal.

  4. lol!!!! Awesome good ol Spinkz Mccoy. Why, I remember once in PS92 how he sold me hiz shares to the school cafeteria. Sigh! Those were da dayz – wondered what happened to him.

  5. It either says something about your writing skills or my lack of morality, but I was grinning about him getting away with it. I’m going with your writing skills. Obviously. Thanks for sharing this. Be sure to come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  6. Wow – not only did Spinkz sell her the Brooklyn bridge, he even did a bait and switch!
    (the pic is the Manhattan bridge. the Brooklyn Bridge has brick towers, and really is a beautiful (and reliable) structure.
    (Sorry to be pedantic – couldn’t help it on this one)

    • Hahahahaha! Grrrr . . . I’ll get that Spinkz Mccoy and throw him off the Manhattan and/or Brooklyn Bridge! Thank you El Guapo. I shant. . . I mean Spinkz shant make that mistake again!

  7. Haw! I’ve purchased a few bridges myself. My Pottery Barn Bridge is especially impressive… : P

    Plus, it’s good to have a bridge you can jump off of, after you realize you’ve been swindled. Say, there goes Betty Ann now–

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh… SPLAT! : (

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