Friday Comics: Our Beloved Al

Our Beloved Al









14 thoughts on “Friday Comics: Our Beloved Al

  1. HAhah I love that. Al Gore is so wise, so ahead of his time. That’s probably why he never won the Presidency. You can’t be the inventor of the internet AND be president. It just isn’t fair.

  2. I think Al Gore invented the internet AND Funyuns but he doesn’t want to tell too many people about the Funyuns or they’ll think he’s bragging.

  3. LOL LIsa! I think inventing the internet put him on the list for the Nobel Peace Prize but it was the Funyuns that bumped him to the top! But I’ll bet he only accepted it because he thought it was the Nobel Pizza Prize (with a side of Funyuns!)

  4. No wonder he failed gym class and always had a knot in his shorts– to match the one in his head, no doubt! I love how his head swells up with doubt when Goo-Goo Woman hits him with Reality!! : P

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