Today is a Very Special Birthday!

Hello everybody and welcome!  Today we are celebrating a very special blogger’s birthday!  Can you guess who that blogger is?

“Hmm . . . in the blogosphere you say?  Can you give us a hint?”

“Ok, she’s cracked but not broken, and she has been known to run with scissors . . . naked”

Hmm. . . running with scissors . . . naked you say?

“Oooooooo!  I like her already!”

“Yeah she’s edgy and she’s cool!”

“Speaking of edgy . .  stop trying to edge me off the stool!”

“What do you mean, you’re taking up all the room!”

“Gosh, I wish I was edgy.”

“Who you?  Forget about it!”

“Hey!  Blogosphere People!  Chill!  I’ll give you another hint.  Dog balls feel funny . . . “

“Dog balls you say?”

“Dog balls!  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh!  I know!  I know!”

“Yes naked baby with your hand up!”

“Dog balls?”

“Hoo boy!  I think I need a mental moment!  Look I’m just going to tell you.  Today is the birthday of a most beloved blogger AND cyberdaughter . . . . . . Lizzie 4/7  

Ok, that’s your cue!  You can let go of those balloons now!”

“Well, I just let go of  something . . . but it wasn’t the balloons!”


Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Rummaging Around The Poetry Barn

First of all, let me thank El Guapo at Guapola for coming up with the excellent idea for the title of this post.

He was actually just reading my last post about Pottery Barn, wrong, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that El Guapo is a genius and not just because he nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  (Though it is further substantiation.)

BTW, I am planning to write my Versatile Blog Award acceptance post next week once the Eggnog runs dry.  And I would like to officially thank my blogging buddies, GuapolaRunning Naked with Scissors and The Mainland  all of whom were kind enough to nominate this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award and whose blogs I enjoy so much I have to wait until AFTER I drink my coffee before I read them so as not to coffee spray all over my desk.

So without further adieu, allow me to  welcome you to this blog’s unveiling of:

The Poetry Barn

On a Cold Chill Winter’s Day

Off the top of my head

From the depths of my heart

I shoot from the hip when I say

That I love you and know you

Like the back of my hand

On a cold chill winter’s day

I’ve got a leg up on love

My elbows are greased

My eyes are peeled only for you

You skin is as clear

As the nose on my face

So I’m sorry it’s over, we’re through

Until next time . . . I love you

And Merry Christmas!