Today is a Very Special Birthday!

Hello everybody and welcome!  Today we are celebrating a very special blogger’s birthday!  Can you guess who that blogger is?

“Hmm . . . in the blogosphere you say?  Can you give us a hint?”

“Ok, she’s cracked but not broken, and she has been known to run with scissors . . . naked”

Hmm. . . running with scissors . . . naked you say?

“Oooooooo!  I like her already!”

“Yeah she’s edgy and she’s cool!”

“Speaking of edgy . .  stop trying to edge me off the stool!”

“What do you mean, you’re taking up all the room!”

“Gosh, I wish I was edgy.”

“Who you?  Forget about it!”

“Hey!  Blogosphere People!  Chill!  I’ll give you another hint.  Dog balls feel funny . . . “

“Dog balls you say?”

“Dog balls!  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh!  I know!  I know!”

“Yes naked baby with your hand up!”

“Dog balls?”

“Hoo boy!  I think I need a mental moment!  Look I’m just going to tell you.  Today is the birthday of a most beloved blogger AND cyberdaughter . . . . . . Lizzie 4/7  

Ok, that’s your cue!  You can let go of those balloons now!”

“Well, I just let go of  something . . . but it wasn’t the balloons!”


Happy Birthday Lizzie!